Union Regiments

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1866-1870
Box 32

Although these items are dated postwar they all contain subject matter directly associated with the Civil War, including war claims, soldier compensation, current residence of former soldiers, business matters, etc.- a number following some names imdicates the total letters in that file - no number following a name indicates only one item in the file.

Wilson Abbott (2), Thomas P. Adams, Ames & Spriggs (2), John Amos, Charles Annis, Anonymous, D. Appleton & Co., W.N. Ashman, Hoffman Atkinson, Robert Avery, John S. Banes, Silas Barker, Thomas H. Barnes, James A. Bartram, John Bayha, Alpheus Beall, Wm. Bence, Julius Bien (2), George W. Bien, Augusta A. Biggs, Allen Blache, George F. Black, Wilmon W. Blackmar, John W. Blake, Jacob Blazer, Isaac Boggs, John Boggs, Geo. W. Bowyer, Geo. Bradley, Samuel Breck, Charles Brick (12), George W. Brown (6), S.D. Brown, Wm. Brown, G.H. Bruffy, Watson Bunten, Reason Burditt, A.W. Campbell, J.B. Campbell, Henry Capehart, Joel H. Carder (3), Stephen Carder, Wm. Carpenter, Chas. E. Chaddock, Annie & Stanley Chafin, Augustus A. Chapman, James Charlesworth, J.W. Cheuveront, E.W. Clark, Jr., George F. Cleland, G.M. Coates (2), Wm. R. Collins, E.H. Comb (2), J.M. Commons, Jasper M. Congrove, R.S. Corbitt (5), Christopher Core (3), Silas Cottrell, Philip Cox, Geo. Cozad, H.T. Crawford, T.T. Crittenden, George Crook, Jas. H. Cunningham, J.N. Cunningham, Henry R. Davis, Josiah Davis, A.P. Davisson, Charles H. Day, William H. Day (2), Ezra V. Dean, James Demain, W.W. Derrine, William Doegen, R. Downing, F. T. Duct [possibly Duit], Isaac H. Duval (2), A.B. Dyer, A.B. Eaton (2), W.H. Enochs (3), Frank M. Etting, Susannah Finley, Reuben Finnell (2), John Fisher, Martin V. Fleming, R.E. Fleming (3), R.F. Fleming, Henry C. Flesher, U.W. Flesher, W.H. Flesher, Flick & Isenberg, I.N. Fordyce, Wm. Fowler, J. Framm, Ida K. Franklin, George Freeman (2), E.B. French, H.B. Furbee, L.D. Garten, D.J. Gibson (2), J.M. Godwin, D.H. Goodwin, F. Gosser, J. Loomis Gould, Jos. Graves, J. Grayson, Geo. M. Hagans (3), J. Marshall Hagans, Van B. Hall, Thomas H. Halsey, Silas W. Han, James H. Harris, Morton L. Hawkins, I.N. Hayne, James Henry, John S.S. Herr, James T. Hess, Charles A. Hewes, D. Hickman, Wallace Hill (5), Harvey Hinkle, Wm. H. Hill, John H. Hoffman (4), John J. Hoffman, C.S.M. Hooton (3), Alfred S. Hough, S. Howard (2), H.H. Hoyt, C.D. Hubbard, James Hughes, John L. Hurst, W.H. Ijams (2), Isaac Ice, J.G. Isenberg, S. Jacobs (2), Henry James, John A. Johnston, Gregory & Jones (2), Wm. H. Jones, James Keefover, Benjamin F. Kelley (2), Joseph Kelley, E. Kelton, J.C. Kemble, Wm. Kendrick, George L. Kennedy, Jacob l. Kesling, John Kesling, A.L. Kimball (2), Geo. W. King, Ralph King, George S. M. Krieg, John M. Kunst, John H. Lambert (2), W.H. Laisley, Geo. R. Latham, Levi Leonard, Joseph A.J. Lightburn, D.W. Lindsey (2), J.B. Lockhart, T.H. Logan, A.J. Lyda, Michael Mallow, A.J. Maple, Thomas Martin, Washington J.F. Martin, Thomas Maulsby, Edwin Maxwell, Grant Mayer, S.P. McCormick (2), D.B McCreary, J. R. McCutcheon, Daniel B. McGruder, James McKinney, Joseph M. McKinney, Wm. S. McKnight, O.H. McMorram, E. McMurtrie, Sara A. McQuain, A.B. Menear, George Millard (2), W.T.(or G) Miller (2), Alex C. Moon, Jacob Moon, A.W. Moore (2), L.T. Moore, A.S.M. Morgan, Jno. Morgan, Samuel Morrison, Jas. E. Morrow, John M. Morrow, A. Morton, Geo. W. Murry, Z. Musgrave (3), James A. Nelson (3), Thomas W. Noble, C.N. Notewaver, John H. Oley, Jane Ormistead, Matthew O'Rourke, Eugenius Orr, George A. Otis (3), A. Palmer, George H. Palmer, "Parkersburg Gazette", J.W. Parks, Wm. E. Parriott, James Parrish, F.P. Peirpoint, A.J. Penticost, E.A. Phalen, Granville Pollock (3), D. Polsley, Barna Powell, Edward Prince, C.H. Progler, J.R. Pumphrey, A. Rader, William Ralston (2), James R. Ramsey (3), J.L. Rathbone, H.C. Ravenscraft, George Reed (2), Henry Reffer (Riffe?), W.H. Richardson, G.W. Rishel, A.F. Ritchie, R.T. Roberts (2), H.W. Rook (2), Isaac M. Rucker (2), J.M. Rusken, A.L. Russell, Jno. Ed, Schley, W.L. Schoff, Ellen Scott (for Alexander Scott) (8), W.T. Senseney (4), John P.C. Shanks, Wm. M. Skelton, G. Slack (2), H. Slack, David H. Smith, Kendrew Smith, M.M. Snider, Jno. Sommerville, William R. Spence, Henry Startzman, Milton Stewart, J.E. Stoffer, Richard Stonestreet, Geo. C. Sturgiss (3), Sturgis & Wagner, T.W. Tallmadge (5), Enos F. Taylor, G.F. Taylor (2), Wm. P. Taylor, W.H.H. Terrell, George H. Thomas, C.B. Thurston, A.A. Tomlinson (2), E.D. Townsend (2), E.S. Troxel, Mary J. Tully, William Turner, James L. Underwood, G.M. Van Buren, Vanwinkle & Chancellor (2), William Verry, Thomas M. Vincent (4), William Vitteloe, W.D. Walker, Charles B. Webb (2), Wm. M. Welch, Henry F. Westfall, J.L. Westfall (2), R.H.R. Whiteley (2), E.B. Whitman (4), W.T. Wiant (2), Nathan L. Wilkinson (2), Chauncey K. Williams, W.E. Williamson, T.J. Wilson, H.P. Wolcott, N. Clay Wood, J.J. Woodbend (?), J.W. Woods, H.C. Worthington, E.D. Wright (2), Jenkinson Wright, Thos. Yates, John V. Young

Restrictions: The Archives does not currently have the necessary equipment to make proper photostatic copies of oversized items such as muster rolls and order, descriptive, and clothing books. Staff may determine whether an item is too large and/or too fragile to copy.

To order copies or obtain further information about the collection, contact Terry Lowry at (304) 558-0230. There is a minimum, non-refundable research fee of $15.00 for out-of-state residents and $5.00 for in-state residents.

Union Regiments

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