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Adkins, Patsy
Genealogy and the Revolutionary War Workshop, October 2013; November 2013

Anestis, Dianne
A Woman’s Touch: 18th-Century Eastern Woodland Indian Women as Architects of Social Conscience and Gender Balance, March 2014

Bailey, Dr. Kenneth R.
A Glimpse at Some Lesser-Known Prominent West Virginians, December 2009
"Scratch 'em and Sue 'em": Post Civil War Legal Issues, November 2012; December 2012

Barbour, Russ
Reconstucting Bill: The Story of Governor William C. Marland, May 2013; June 2013

Barker, Raamie
Bobby Kennedy and West Virginia’s 1968 Presidential Primary, February 2012

Barkey, Dr. Fred
The Socialist Party in West Virginia, January 2013

Barnett, Dr. Robert C.
Memoirs as Historic Research, January 2012
Hillside Fields: A History of Sports in West Virginia, September 2013; October 2013

Barney, Lynn
Beginning Family History Scrapbooking, May 2009
Put Your Family’s Memories in a Scrapbook, September 2009; July 2010

Basham, Debra
West Virginia Vital Research Records, November 2010

Beanblossom, Robert
History of the West Virginia State Park System, September 2011

Brake, Sherri
Haunted History of the West Virginia Penitentiary, May 2013

Bumgardner, Stan
Postcards of Charleston, October 2012

Bush, Dave
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Campbell, Debbie
KYOWVA Genealogical and Historical Society, December 2010

Canfield, Bethany
West Virginia’s Civil War Historic Sites, March 2012

Carroll, Greg
Melungeon Heritage, October 2010
Slaves and Free People of Color in Western Virginia from 1800 to 1860, August 2011
Applying for a West Virginia Civil War Medal, October 2012
Native American Research in West Virginia, February 2013; March 2013
Slavery in Virginia, 1619-1860, April 2013; May 2013

Casto, Gilbert
History of the Kanawha Valley and Fort Lee, June 2012; July 2012

Casto, James E.
The Life and Times of Collis P. Huntington, April 2014

Clendenin, Gregory
The Clendenin Family and the Clendenin Massacre, July 2013; August 2013

Cole, Kitty Baughan
Making the Most of Your Computer as a Resource, November 2011

Cole, Merle T.
West Virginia State Police: The First Two Decades, November 2011; December 2011

Comm, Joseph A.
Rock Springs Park, July 2013; August 2013

Coty, Millie
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Cox, Karen
Dixie’s Daughters: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture, June 2013; July 2013

Daugherty, Dottie
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Dickinson, Jack
Every Blood-Stained Mile: The Building of the Norfolk and Western in West Virginia, May 2012; June 2012

Eppley, Jeanne
Finding Hidden Ancestors, October 2013; November 2013

Ericksen, Annette
The Archaeology of the Thornhill Estate, October 2012

Fain, Dr. Cicero
Black Contribution to the Building of the C&O Railway, May 2012; June 2012

Fauss, Richard
Archives and History Movie Night: Footage from the Collection, June 2011
Reconstucting Bill: The Story of Governor William C. Marland, May 2013; June 2013

Felt, Tom
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Fish, Bob
Lineage Societies, February 2011

Geiger, Joe
Battleground West Virginia, May 2010; June 2010
West Virginia Statehood, June 2010; August 2013
Archives and History Online Resources, August 2012

Gioulis, Mike
West Virginia Courthouses, March 2014

Glass, Mary
Getting the Most Out of and Searching the 1940 Census, July 2012

Hall, George A.
The Civilian War in West Virginia–The Moccasin Rangers from 1861 to 1863, May 2011

Hamilton, Patti
West Virginia Courthouses, February 2014; March 2014

Hart, Steve
Family History, the SAR, and Re-enacting, September 2013; October 2013

Hayden, Susan
Newspaper Archive Database, April 2011; March 2012

Hechler, Ken
Soldier of the Union, July 2011

Henline, Travis
The Resurgence of Anikituhwa: Language and Cultural Revitalization among the Eastern Band Cherokee, August 2011

Johnson, Mary
“His Soul Goes Marching On”: The Life and Legacy of John Brown, October 2009
Women in Civil War West Virginia, June 2013; July 2013

Johnson, Scott E.
Genealogy and Law: An Introduction to Some Legal Issues in Genealogical Research, January 2010

Kelley, Bill
Battleground West Virginia, May 2010; June 2010

Kender, Carolyn and Sara Prior
Cemeteries, June 2011

Kesterson, Brian
The West Virginia National Guard 1898-1919, June 2009

Knost, Michael
Monsters and Mayhem in the Mountain State, April 2014

Kuhn, Joetta McCallister
Boone County Genealogical Society, March 2011
Genealogy and the Revolutionary War Workshop, October 2013; November 2013

Ledbetter, Dr. Charles T.
Lessons Learned by a Lay Person about the Joys and Frustrations of Genealogical/Historical Research, April 2012; May 2012
The West Virginia State College Aviation Program—The Tuskegee Airmen Connection in the Experiment, April 2013; May 2013

Lewis, Lloyd D.
Logging and Shortline Railroads in the Mountain State, April 2011

Lilly, John
West Virginia Country Music and Goldenseal Magazine, February 2013; March 2013

Lively, Terry
Covered Bridges of West Virginia, February 2014; March 2014

Lowry, Terry
Bastard Battalion: A History of the 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion in World War II, November 2009
Researching Military History, November 2010
The Battle of Charleston, 1862, November 2013; December 2013

Lucas, Dr. Lois
African American Women’s Activism in the Mountain State, February 2011

Makricosta, Pamela
Yiayia’s Bundle: A Greek Experience in West Virginia, October 2010

Marcum, Randy
Hatfield and McCoy Feud: Complex Individuals, Complex Events, July 2012
Death Records: The Final Act, January 2013

Maslowski, Dr. Robert
A Primer on West Virginia Archaeology, January 2011

McBride, Kim and Stephen
Frontier Forts, October 2012; December 2012

McClure, Patricia Richards
The 1942 WVU NIT-Championship Basketball Team: A Tale for Veterans Day, November 2012; December 2012

Mitchell, James R.
Decorating Carr China, July 2011
West Virginia Glass in the State Museum, January 2012

Moore, Dane "Woody"
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Morrison, Nancy Sparks
Can Genealogy Kill You?, October 2011; November 2011

Peyton, Dr. Billy Joe
Charleston: Then & Now, September 2010
The History of Charleston, March 2013; April 2013
The History of Charleston: The Modern Era, November 2013; December 2013

Pierson, Jeff
"They're from here?" Artists from the Mountain State, August 2012

Rakes, Dr. Paul
The Combat Scenario: Early West Virginia Coal Mining’s Culture of Danger, April 2010
'Don't Cuss Me': Saloons, Liquor, and Gunplay in West Virginia's Early Coal Camps, August 2013; September 2013

Rivard, Betty
The "Other" West Virginia: Positive Images of the State from the 30s and 40s, January 2014; February 2014

Rodd, Tom
J. R. Clifford and the Carrie Williams Case, February 2012

Rotenizer, David
An Introduction to the Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex: A West Virginia Historic Site, Museum and Research Center, October 2013; November 2013

Rowe, Larry
Malden and the Salt Industry, June 2012; July 2012

Schust, Alex P.
The Genealogy of West Virginia’s Leading Coal Producing County, September 2011

Scouras, Susan
Beginning Genealogy, August 2009; August 2010
West Virginia Cookbooks, September 2012

Sheehan-Dean, Dr. Aaron
When West Virginians Remained Loyal: West Virginia Statehood and the Union, August 2013

Simmons, Jaime
Going Back Before 1850: Genealogical Strategies for Early American Research, March 2010
Digging into the Draper Collection: Researching the Settlement of Western Virginia, December 2010

Six, Dean
Glass from the Mountain State: A Very Broad View of 200 Years, September 2012
Six Voices: Six Short Stories about West Virginia Glass, August 2013; October 2013

Smith, Melissa Garretson
West Virginia Courthouses, March 2014

Spencer, Dr. James
Victory Loan Tour of 1945, March 2014; April 2014

Sturm, Dr. Philip
Slavery in the Ohio and Kanawha River Valleys: Using Local Primary Resources to Uncover the Past, October 2011; November 2011

Sutphin, Gerald
West Virginia Rivers, Steamboats, and River Improvements, August 2013; September 2013

Taylor, Bobby
West Virginia’s Heritage Music, May 2011

Teter, Don
Property Research for Genealogy and History, February 2012

Ward, Bryan
Battleground West Virginia, May 2010; June 2010
Going Local: Genealogy and Researching Local History, August 2010
No Ordinary Task: The Stout Hearts that Founded West Virginia, August 2013

Withers, Bob
Presidential Whistle Stops in West Virginia, April 2012; May 2012

Wolfe, Rick
From the Burning of Chambersburg to the Battle of Moorefield, March 2014; April 2014

Wood, Doug
Researching 18th Century American Indian History, February 2007
Digging Into West Virginia’s 18th Century, Groundhog Style, February 2010
The Roots of Un-civil War: The 250th Anniversary of Cornstalk’s Campaign, March 2013; April 2013

Workman, Dr. Michael
The Forgotten Battles of the Mine Wars: The Fairmont Field, March 2011
Parkersburg: Guardian of the Union, January 2014; February 2014

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