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Almost from the very beginning of her history the old State of Virginia has made liberal contributions of her sons to other states who are to be found in every section and engaged in all lines of work.

One of these sons of the Old Dominion who has wrought out a large measure of success in his chosen profession of dentistry is Dr. Arthur Stewart Adams of Huntington, W. Va.

Dr. Adams is a native of Tazewell County, Virginia, where he was born on September 10, 1881. His father John Adams is a blacksmith and is the son of Eliza Adams. The mother of our subject, before her marriage, was Miss Rosa Matney, daughter of Alf and Amanda Matney.

Growing up in Tazewell county, young Adams laid the foundation of his education in the public schools. Always a hard worker, his ambition was aroused by a young lady teacher, who built on the foundation laid by the boy's mother who was ambitious for him. He went to the Bluefield Normal for his literary course, working about the town while in school and with his father during vacation. When he could secure a teacher's license he began teaching and taught in the public schools of the state for six years. As this did not seem to permit the accummulation of any means, he determined to enter upon his studies for dentistry, though he had less than a hundred dollars at the time. Then it occurred to him to handle the matter just as any other business transaction. Accordingly he took the matter up with the local bank and was able to borrow the money for his course. His standing in the community and the confidence which his character inspired may be inferred from this unusual transaction.

He matriculated at the Howard University School of Dentistry, Washington, D. C., and won his D. D. S. degree in 1914. On the first of August of the same year, he began practice at Northfork and was successful from the beginning. In six years he had built a practice of ten thousand a year. In 1920, he left Northfork and moved to Huntington on account of the educational and other advantages for his growing family.

Dr. Adams was married on June 28, 1905, to Miss Mary L. Taylor, daughter of Giles Taylor of Christiansburg. Mrs. Adams is herself an accomplished teacher having been trained at Bluefield. They have two children, Katharyn Ione and Rosalie Elizabeth Adams.

In politics Dr. Adams is a republican, in religion a Baptist, being trustee in his local church. Among the secret orders, he is identified with the Masons, Pythians, and Odd Fellows. He is also a member of the State Medical and Dental Society. He enters heartily into the business social and professional life of his people and takes an active interest in all matters pertaining to the progress of the race.

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