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West Virginia Archives and History Library

Finding Hidden Ancestors
October 10, 2013

On October 10, 2013, Jeanne Eppley will present “Finding Hidden Ancestors” at the Thursday evening lecture in the Archives and History Library in the Culture Center in Charleston. The program will begin at 6:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Eppley, also known as Snow Flower, will explain why there are hidden Native American people and show how they can be identified. She will discuss the physical characteristics and diseases that are common in Native American families. She also will present stories about unusual things that can be found when native people in hiding are present.

Jeanne Eppley lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, son, and a granddaughter. Knowing that one of her great great grandmothers was Native American, thirty years ago she began a search to identify her. This search developed into a passion for native genealogical research. Realizing that there was very little information to help anyone looking at Native ancestry, Eppley, or Snow Flower, began to collect information on ways to identify hidden natives. She continues to use this knowledge to assist others by speaking and giving seminars on how the research is done. Recently, she has taken a partner, Cheryl Eisel, who uses the name Blue Corn and will continue this work when Snow Flower is no longer able. Cheryl's family is from the Charleston area.

Snow Flower is the author of My Family Tells This Story (1999) as well as a CD titled Snow Flower’s Indian Genealogy Guide (2011), which is an update to the book. She will have copies of both at the presentation.

For planning purposes, participants are encouraged to register for the lecture, but advance registration is not required to attend. To register in advance, contact Robert Taylor, library manager, by e-mail or at (304) 558-0230, ext. 163. Participants interested in registering by e-mail should send their name, telephone number and the name and date of the session. For additional information, contact the Archives and History Library at (304) 558-0230.

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