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John Brown/Boyd B. Stutler Collection Database
Item Details:     Record Id: 104
I.D. Number: MS02-0052 AB
Title: Letter. John Brown to Mary E. Stearns, 1859 November 29
Location: Charles Town, Virginia/West Virginia - Boston, Massachusetts
Date: 1859-11-29
Media Format: Letter (photocopy and copy)
Description: John Brown to Mrs. George L. Stearns, November 29, 1859. In this short letter, Brown writes of his reaction to Mrs. Stearns' letter he received in prison. Notes that he has asked that only slave boys and girls and an old slave mother be his religious attendants at his execution.
Biographical or Historical Notes: The original letter was given to Mary Ann Brown at the time of her visit to her husband December 1, 1859. After his execution, Mrs. Brown sent the letter to Mrs. Stearns in a Bible.
Text: [Page A] Charlestown, Jefferson Co Va. 29th, Nov, 1859.

Mrs George L Stearns
Boston Mass
My Dear friend
No letter I have received since my imprisonment here, has given me more satisfaction, or comfort: than yours of the 8th inst. I am quite cheerful: & was never more happy. Have only time [to] write you a word. May God forever reward you & all yours. My love to All who love their neighbours. I have asked to be spared from having any mock; or hypocritical prayers made over me, when I am publicly murdered: & that my only religious attendants be poor little, dirty, ragged, bare headed & barefooted, Slave Boys; & Girls; Led by some old greyheaded, Slave Mother. Farewell. Farewell.

Your Friend
John Brown
Please Mail This to her

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