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John Brown/Boyd B. Stutler Collection Database
Item Details:     Record Id: 50
I.D. Number: MS01-0050 AB
Title: Letter. John Brown to Mary Ann Brown, 1855 November 30
Location: Brownsville, Kansas Territory
Date: 1855-11-30
Media Format: Letter
Description: John Brown to Dear Wife and Children, November 30, 1855. Brown discusses the health of various family members in Kansas, work toward building houses, and Free State politics. Discusses his ideas for the house and finances at North Elba. Mentions Ruth Thompson, Watson Brown, John, Owen, Frederick, Salmon, Jason, and Oliver Brown, Henry Thompson, Orson Day, Mr. [Samuel] Adair.
Biographical or Historical Notes:
Text: [Page A] Brownsville, Kansas Territory 30th Nov 1855

Dear Wife, & Children; every one
Last Weeks Mail brought us Ruths, & Watsons Letters of the 30th Oct of which we were all very glad; as we felt anxious to know that your anxiety on our account was in some measure relieved. I have now the pleasure of saying that all those here that were sick are some improved since I wrote last; Jason is able to work considerable; John, Owen, Fredk, & Salmon; have become quite stout: Henry & Oliver are gaining but are not yet strong. We have now got both companies into midling [sic] comfortable Shanties; have got most of the Hay into Stacks; & considerable of the Corn husked. Have also something done towards Two Houses; One for John, & Owen; the other for Jason; so that we may now say that matters in general are once more in a progressive state; & a tolerable degree of cheerfulness seems to prevail. We have great reason to be thankful for this. Next Month the Free State party are going to try; & get a Constitution adopted making Kansas Free; & as we understand them to be a decided Majority; we believe the great victory will follow before long. We expect to begin next Week to prepare for building a House for Orson Day, & Family. This Week (so far) has been pleasant; with constant hard freezing at Night. Cattle & Horses make a tolerable living on the low grounds as yet. Mr Adairs folks were getting much better when John was out there on Saturday last. I wrote in my last that a great improvement could be made in the House you live in; by covering it all over with cheap straight edged Boards; up, & down from the ground (or Barn fashion); not driving the Nails in so far but that they can be drawn easily. I really hope you have got some money from the avails of the Cattle in Connecticut before this; to enable you to buy another Cow if you need more milk than you get; & also other things you need. I hope to hear by this Weeks Mail that you have got that money. We myself & Boys are all rather poorly supplied with Winter clothing but are not suffering. If I could have been spared from here I could easily have earned enough to have fixed all up nicely; but we shall get along; & you need not worry about us. The Douglas Papers sent us, are a great treat; & I hope some of the Boys will receive them regularly, after you have read them. It seems that my Wife has worn out her Pen entirely; as I do not get even a scratch of it since I left North Elba. If it should so happen that you get money from the Cattle so that you can spare any to be applied by Ruth on Henrys accounts; & at the [Page B] same time all be comfortable you may do so; but do not any of you go without what you need if you have the means of getting it. Will some of you write regularly? Your Affectionate Husband, & Father
John Brown

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