West Virginia Ordnance Works

Point Pleasant Daily Register
August 15, 1945

TNT Production Ceases at W. Va. Ordnance Works

Hundreds Face Loss Of Jobs Here

War Boom End Hits Pt. Pleasant With Same Suddeness [sic] As It Struck

Production of TNT has ceased at the huge $45 (M) West Virginia Ordnance Works, operated by General Chemical Defense Corp. Major J. D. Fraser, Commanding Officer said today. Immediate stoppage is in accordance with directive of the War Department, he said.

Employees are to report for the regular shift Friday after the two-day holiday, in order to take care of plant clean-up and storage of raw materials.

Construction was begun on the plant in January, 1942. Production started in September of that year. Peak employment was reached in 1942, when an estimated 3500 persons were engaged in producing ammunition.

Several months will probably be required to complete the task of closing down such a large production plant, and employment will taper off as the work is completed, Major Fraser said.

Dewey A. Windsor, president of the Marietta Mfg. Co., said today that the local shipyards will resume operation Friday morning, where a tug-boat construction contract is being completed for the government.

"Altho official word of Japan's surrender came through early last night, the facts regarding the country's observance of Wednesday and Thursday as holidays came too late to change our plans to work until early this morning," he said. Work will be resumed with the day shift on Friday.

Within an hour and a half after news of Japan's surrender was received the Sylvania Electrical Products Co. of Huntington, which has a feeder plant in Point Pleasant employing an estimated 300 girls, suspended operations.

Notice to the employees to the effect they no longer have employment, is being published here today. The Huntington plant and the subsidiary is government-owned.

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