Claypool's Rebellion

Documents from Calendar of Virginia State Papers

Garret Vanmeter Col: Comg. To Gov: Jefferson.
April 11, 1781
Hampshire County

He has just received his Excellency's letters of the 26th & 27th ult: requiring two hundred and forty two of the County Militia to march at once to Williamsburg, but apprehends difficulty in executing this order. Continues "I am sorry to inform your Excellency, that a dangerous insurrection has lately arisen in this County, occasioned by the execution of the late Acts of Assembly for Recruiting this States Quota of Troops to serve in the Continental Army, and the Act for supplying the Army with Clothes, Prisoners & Waggons: in consequence of which the Collector of the Tax under the former Act has been opposed in the Execution of his Duty, and has been obliged to desist from any further proceeding therein, and although every measure that prudence could suggest has been taken, to suppress the Rioters, yet it has proved ineffectual by reason of their having a superior force - I therefore thought it my duty to lay this matter before your Excellency, and hope such measures will be taken in consequence of the late Act of Assembly for giving your Excellency farther powers &c. as shall be thought requisite.

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