Claypool's Rebellion

Documents from Calendar of Virginia State Papers

Col: Garret Vanmeter to Gov: Jefferson.
April 20, 1781
Hampshire County

He had written on the 14th inst: and was about to send the bearer Mr. Andrew Woodrow, when orders were received for him to march with the militia ordered below - Notwithstanding this, he determines to give him a furlough of twenty days to go down to confer with his Excellency on several matters - The Commissioners of the Tax send by him for the money needed to pay the bounties to the drafted men, in as much as the late insurrection have prevented the collectors from "executing their duty" - They cannot even tell what sum will be wanting, but any excess will be returned to the Treasury - Add - "Since my letter of the 14th was wrote, I have had no further accounts of the rioters, but have much reason to fear (whatever they may promise to the contrary) they will still stand in opposition untill a sufficient force is sent against them. I have within these Twenty-four Hours, received authentick information, that a very considerable number have assembled in another part of the County, determined to stand in opposition to every measure of Government, and endeavoring to persuade every one in their neighborhood to join them in their Treasonable and destructive measures - for this purpose (as I am told) they swear fidelity to each other. Their principal object is to be clear of Taxes and Draughts. These things Sir, are truly alarming, but I am happy in one consolation, that we have a majority of Friends to our happy Constitution and will spare no pains nor hazard when called on, to render their country what services in their power.)..."

Claypool's Rebellion: Primary Documents