Claypool's Rebellion

Documents from Calendar of Virginia State Papers

Garrett Vanmeter Co Lieut: to "The Governor of Va. at Staunton."
June 16, 1781
Hampshire County


In consequence of a letter I received sometime ago, from his Excellency Governor Jefferson, relative to a late Insurrection in this County, I ordered out a Company of my militia as Mounted Infantry, together with Three Companies of Foot, as the Rioters had embodied themselves, and the numbers very considerably increased. On the approach of our men to the place where the rioters had assembled, they dispersed with precipitation - only a few surrendered, and a few taken prisoners. Several more of them have surrendered since: however the principal conspirators, and a number of their deluded followers still keep out - I have inclosed a list of them from the best information I could procure, and humbly submit it to your Excellency's pleasure what steps will now be proper to take with them - the first nineteen on the list seems by all accounts to be the most daring. Robert Smith, Thomas Stacey and Michael Boulger are the principal conspirators. Those who were taken, and surrendered, to the number of Forty two, have been examined before the County Court, and three of them are Ordered to have a further trial - the greatest part of the rest, bound over to be Indicted at our next Grand Jury Court, and a few acquitted - those last were cheifly Deserters whom I have sent to join the Army -

I presume your Excellency will think it necessary to Issue a Commission of Oyer and Terminer, for the Trial of those who are ruled to a further Trial, agreeable to the Act of Assembly of October 1780 - I shall continue the Company of Mounted Infantry some time longer in service, as I expect they will apprehend the Cheif of those who yet stay out. For further particulars, I refer your Excellency to the bearer Mr. Andrew Woodrow.

I am very respectfully,
Your very obedt Servant."

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