Claypool's Rebellion

Documents from Calendar of Virginia State Papers

Garret Vanmeter to Gov: Nelson, - informing him "that Robert Smith one of the Ringleaders of the late insurrection in this County hath voluntarily surrendered himself."
November 26, 1781
Hampshire County

Having been examined by a called court "hath been set for further trial," but in as much as "the same ignorance and unaccountable infatuation" seems to extend to this unhappy man "that actuated those deluded people, and although he was the worst of them, he hopes, if it be consistent with wisdom that he may also "experience the lenity of the Legislature" - A few of "the deluded wretches" still remain out, particularly a certain John Woolf, who had broken Jail, and has never been seen since - He has taken every means to have them all apprehended - He will, at the command of His Excellency call a Court of Oyer & Terminer for the trial of Smith and others, but hopes the Legislature may "incline to pass an act of indemnity for the whole of them."

Is much in need of a copy of the new Militia Law and the Articles of War, not being able to "try delinquents" in consequence - Asks for a number of blank commissions to supply the new nominations made - His declining health forces him to resign his commission as Co. Lieutenant, but as Mr. Joseph Nevill who has been recommended to succeed him cannot act until commissioned, he will endeavour to act until Mr. Nevill qualifies, especially as Col: Cresap, next in command lives in so remote a part of the County. He sends this by Mr. Woodrow, as an Express, as neither of the Delgates are going down, and hopes his expenses will be allowed.

Claypool's Rebellion: Primary Documents