Claypool's Rebellion

Documents from Calendar of Virginia State Papers

Hampshire County

"PETITION OF JACOB BRAKE AND OTHERS," for pardon for having through ignorance, and the persuasion of others, joined in the late "Conspiracy against the State the object of which was to refuse payment of Taxes, and to oppose the Act of Oct: 1780 for raising Troops for the Service" -

Setting forth the same reasons given in John Claypole's application, why they should enjoy Executive clemency, and adding, that they "have been instrumental in detecting and bringing in some of the Principal Conspirators to Justice &c" - . Signed by - Jacob Brake, Adam Rodebaugh, John Mace, Michael Algrie, Isaac Brake, John Mitchell, Saml: Lourie, Lenoard Hier, Jacob Hier, George Peck, John Casner, Jacob Yeazle, Thos: Nutler, Thos: Stacy, John Rodebaugh, Henry Rodebaugh, Jacob House, Jeremiah Ozburn, Jacob Crites, Anthony Reager, Josiah Ozburn, George Lites, Charles Borrer, Jacob Pickle, John Wease, Adam Wease, & Adam Wease Jur: -

Claypool's Rebellion: Primary Documents