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Reorganized Government
General Assembly of Virginia

July 6, 1861

House of Delegates met at 10 A. M.

Prayer by Rev. Dr. Blair, of Ohio University.

Mr. PORTER, from the Committee on Finance, reported the following bill making an appropriation to the civil contingent fund; which was ordered to be read a first time and printed:

1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the sum of twenty thousand dollars shall be, and is hereby, set apart, as a civil contingent fund, for the expenses of the Executive Department.

2. This act shall be in force from its passage.

Mr. Moss, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported the following bill, which was read a first time and ordered to be laid on the table and printed.

An act to authorize the County Courts, Corporations, &c., to appropriate money for the public defence.

1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the several County Courts shall be authorized, at any monthly or quarterly term, when a majority of the acting Justices of the county are in attendance, or when the Justices shall have been summoned for such purpose, to order a levy for the purchase of arms, ammunition, accoutrements, uniforms, tents or camp equippage, for any volunteer company or companies which have been, or may be, mustered into the service of this State or of the United States, within this state. They may also order, as aforesaid, a levy for the purpose of providing for the support or relief of the families of the volunteers, who shall be, or have been, mustered into the service of the State, or of the United States within this State; or for the pupose of defraying the expenses of any measures deemed necessary for the defense of the county. Such levies shall be collected, accounted for and paid over in the same manner as other county levies.

2. The several County Courts shall be authorized, as aforesaid, to borrow money, from time to time, at a rate of interest not exceeding six per cent per annum, for any of the purposes specified in the preceding section, and to issue bonds or certificates, with or without coupons attached, for the payment of such loans and the interest thereon: Provided that the amount so borrowed for any county shall not in the aggregate, exceed the amount of taxes assessed for State purposes, for the year 1860, on real and personal property and licenses of all kinds within said county; and provided further that if a debt be thus contracted, the Justices of the county shall be authorized and required thereafter to let apart annually, until such debt be extinguished, a sum at least equal to the annual interest and ten per cent upon the principal, to be applied as a sinking fund for the payment of said debt and interest, and for no other use or purpose whatever.

3. No tax shall be charged for affixing the seal of any county to the bonds or certificates which may be issued for the purposes aforesaid.

4. The several incorporated towns and cities of this Commonwealth are hereby authorized to raise by loan, at six per centum per annum, an amount not exceeding double the amount of taxes assessed for defraying the expenses of said towns and cities for the year 1860, for the purposes named in the first section of this act; and the said towns and cities are required to set apart annually a sum at least equal to the interest and ten per centum upon the principal to be applied as a sinking fund for the payment of said debt and interest.

5. This act shall be in force from its passage.

Mr. PORTER offered the following resolutions, which were referred to the Committee on Finance:

Resolved, That the $27,000 received from the Exchange Bank of Virginia, at Weston, as part of the money heretofore appropriated to the Lunatic Asylum west of the Alleghany mountains, be passed to the credit of the treasury of Virginia.

Resolved, That whenever the state of the country will allow the further prosecution or work upon said Asylum, this money shall be refunded and applied to its appropriate object.

Mr. LOGAN offered the following, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the Auditor of Public Accounts be requested to furnish this House with estimates of the receipts and expenditures for the present fiscal year.

The House then adjourned till th usual hour on Monday.


Senate met at the usual hour, ten A. M. and was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Brockunier of this city.

The following resolution, offered by Mr. Flesher, was adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Banks be requested to inquire into the expediency of repealing all laws in the statute Book prohibiting the issuing and circulating of bills of a less denomination than five dollars and now giving the banks the privilege to issue bills as small as one dollar but not less.

The following offered by Mr. Gist was also adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Privileges and Elections shall examine the oaths taken by each member, and the certificates of election furnished by the Sheriffs and other officers, and report to the Senate.


The following is a list of the standing Committees of the Senate as announced on Friday:

Committee on Privileges and Elections. - Carskadon, Jackson and Gist.

Committee on Courts of Justice and General Laws. - Stewart, Gist and Carskadon.

Committee on Finance and Claims. - Burley, Jackson and Flesher.

Committee on Banks. - Gist, Cather and Flesher.

Joint Committee to examine Auditor's Office, Treasurer's Accounts and Bonds of Public Officers. - Cather, Stuart and Jackson.

Committee on Enrolled Bills. - Flesher, Jackson and Carskadon.

Committee to examine Clerk's Office. - Jackson, Gist and Cather.

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Chapter Eight: Legislature of the Reorganized Government of Virginia

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