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West Virginia Marching Band Invitational

Click here for the 2016 Application!

Miss Majorette applications

2016 Marching Band Director Letter | Hall of Fame Application

Past Winners!

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2012 | 2013| 2014 | 2015 | 2016

2016 Performance Schedule

Rubric for Music
Expanded Rubric

Music Effect
Rubric for Music Effect
Expanded Rubric

Marching and Maneuvering
Rubric for Marching & Maneuvering
Expanded Rubric

General Effect
Rubric for General Effect
Expanded Rubric

Rubric for Percussion
Expanded Rubric

Drum Major
Rubric for Drum Major
Expanded Rubric

Color Guard
Rubric for Color Guard
Expanded Rubric

Rubric for Majorettes and Twirlers
Expanded Rubric

Click below to hear The First Ladies Greeting of the Second Annual WVMBI.