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Emailing the Culture and History webmaster


Below is an email link for sending the webmaster questions or comments about our site.

If you know the name or position of the person that you need to contact, or the program area you have questions about, you might look at the Staff List page for a more direct email address. (The link opens in a new window so that if you don't find what you are looking for, you can come back here.)

Questions and corrections to the Vital Records database (marriage, birth and death records) should be sent directly to a vital records staff member.

If you have a question, comment or problem with the site, or you just can't find the right person to email, you are welcome to email the webmaster and we will make sure that the appropriate staff person gets your message.

If you are using Earthlink or any other Internet Service Provider that offers spam blocking that requires a user to fill out a form and request permission to email you, you need to configure your blocker to allow all email addresses so that you can receive a reply.

If you are using AOL, make sure your Mail Controls are configured so that you can receive emails from

If the only contact information we have is your email address, we can not contact you if we are blocked.

In your email, please clearly identify the page or section of the website you have a problem with. With 10,000 pages on our site, with information about Archives, Museums, Historic Preservation, Arts, Goldenseal and five historic sites, it helps to have as much information as possible about where you are on our site when you encounter your problem. Every page on the site should have some type of title at the top to tell where you are.

Email the webmaster