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Arts in Education Opportunities

Updated 2/11/04
The Division of Culture and History does not maintain these sites, nor is it responsible for their content. If you find a broken link please email the webmaster. The links below will open in a new browser window.

The 21st Century Community Learning Center program is a grant initiative from the US Department of Education that seeks to provide expanded learning opportunities to children in safe, drug-free and supervised environments. For more information call 1-800-USA-LEARN or visit the program at for more resources on after school opportunities.

Opportunities to study abroad are available through the New York University's School of Education. Application deadlines vary by program. For more information visit

Join Lessons Learned, Open Studio's website for online discussion of the challenges faced by technology trainers and solutions they develop as they prepare artists and arts organizations to publish online. Visit

Harvard Graduate School of Education offers a concentration on Arts in Education. For information on the program, contact Jessica Davis Director of Arts in Education Concentration 309 Longfellow Hall 13 Appian Way Cambridge, MA 02138. Phone (617)495-9068, fax (617)496-9108.

Change, Inc. Grants. Emergency grants to artists for medical, living, other expenses. Around $100-$500. Change, Inc. Box 705 Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276 or call (212)473-3742.

MAP, the Museum Assessment Program helps museums reach full potential by providing a process for institutional self study and peer review, on-site visit culminating in a recommendations report. Fees on a sliding scale based on the museum's annual operating budget. This program is a function of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, managed by the American Association of Museums. Call 202-289-9118 for more information.Visit IMLS at

Educators visit The Getty Education Institute for the Arts for useful resources available for quality arts programs in action. See what's new at