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Fall 2002

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ADA facts: How the law affects you

If you are involved in creating and presenting arts programs, here are the some of the important things you would have learned at the Access for All workshop:

• Behind every ADA requirement there is a real problem that arose from the experiences of real people.

• ADA compliance is not just about obeying the law; it is about inviting everyone in your community to become involved with your work.

• No arts group or arts program is exempt from any part of the ADA. If your group receives federal money, and all grant funds from ORBI and the state arts agencies include federal money, federal law says you must be in compliance with the ADA.

• Enforcement of the ADA is not the responsibility of any state or federal agency, although the Department of Justice administers the enforcement process. The ADA is enforced through civil lawsuits. If you are not in full compliance now, and you have not made good faith efforts to become compliant, your organization could be hit with a costly and time-consuming suit.

• Direct involvement from people with disabilities in your community is essential to the success of your compliance efforts. ADA compliance is an opportunity for your organization to reach out to new people in your community.