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Peer Assistance Network (PAN)

The WV Commission on the Arts makes two PAN sessions per year available to arts organizations free of charge. A "session" can be up to two days at a time. Sessions can range from computer training to organizational development to marketing to conflict resolution to lighting design to festival and season planning. They can involve an organization's whole board of directors or one or two staff members.

The Commission has selected a group of "peer advisors" from which organizations choose for their sessions. These advisors all have experience in the arts community in West Virginia and expertise in a range of fields that the Commission believes can provide the best, most relevant and applicable set of skills to arts organizations in the state. The advisors are listed in a catalog available from the Commission.

You should contact the PAN coordinator at the WV Commission on the Arts to apply for a PAN session. You should also copy, fill out and mail the PAN application form in the catalog. For more information about the Peer Assistance Network call 304-558-0240.