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Current and Upcoming Events At the Culture Center

The Culture Center
Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex Museum in the Park West Virginia Independence Hall
June 18
Lecture Series: "West Virginia Songs," with John Lilly
Archives and History Library
September 24
Lecture Series: Rediscovering the Hyre Mound
September 4
Aunt Jennie Music Festival
June 20
West Virginia Day
The Great Hall
October 22
Lecture Series: Pioneering Archaeology in the Mountain State: The Career of Edward V. McMichael
July 7
Lecture Series: Dr. Paul Rakes. “Violence in the Coal Fields”
Archives and History Library
November 19
Lecture Series: Guyasuta: Defender of the Ohio River Valley
July 16
Lecture Series: Brandon Kirk.  “Lincoln County Feud”
Archives and History Library
December 17
Film Series: “The Real George Washington”
July 29
Appalachian Sting Band Music Festival
Camp Wahington-Carver
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