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Current and Upcoming Events At the Culture Center

The Culture Center
West Virginia
Independence Hall
Museum in the Park Camp Washington-Carver Grave Creek Mound
Archaeology Complex
April 15 – 17
West Virginia Dance Festival
June 20
West Virginia Day Celebration
April 16
Sue Browning Wild Flower Hike
August 4 7
Appalachian String Band Festival

April 9
Secrets of the Valley:
Prehistory of the Kanawha

April 26
West Virginia History Bowl Championship

September 17
Kid's Day at the Hall
September 3 – 4
Aunt Jennie Festival
  April 16
Historic Marshall County:
A View in Charcoal

May 27 – 29
Vandalia Gathering

      April 23
The art of digital storytelling

      April 28
Remote Sensing and Other Survey Technologies at Grave Creek Mound
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