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Current and Upcoming Events At the Culture Center

The Culture Center
West Virginia
Independence Hall
Museum in the Park Camp Washington-Carver Grave Creek Mound
Archaeology Complex
April 20
Archives Lecture: Darla Spencer. Early Native Americans in West Virginia: The Fort Ancient Culture
  April 22
Sue Browning Wildflower Hike
August 26
Appalachian String Band Festival
March 30
Survey and Documentation of Hampshire County Cemeteries

April 25
West Virginia History Bowl Championship

      April 1–22
Ohio Valley Historic Figures Alan Fitzpatrick exhibit

April 28–30
West Virginia Dance Festival

      April 8
NOVA: Secret Tunnel Warfare

May 25
Archives Lecture: Mary Booker. Block Series Speaker

      April 11 – May 18
Artistic Observations of Adena History Moundsville Middle School art exhibit

May 26–28
Vandalia Gathering

      April 27
“Beneath the Poppies and Crosses: What Archaeology Reveals about WWI
Hank D. Lutton
June 15
Archives Lecture: Doug Wood. "Cultural Crossroads: Establishing the 17th Century Fur Trade in the Trans-Allegheny Region."
      May 20 & June 3
Annual Planting of the Interpretive Garden
Juune 19–20
West Virginia Ambassadors Camp
      May 25
Early Native Americans in West Virginia: The Fort Ancient Culture
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