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Current and Upcoming Events At the Culture Center

The Culture Center
West Virginia Independence Hall Museum in the Park Camp Washington-Carver
January 29
History Day at the Legislature,
History Heroes Presentations 9 a.m.
in State Theater
February 5
Regional History Bowl Tournament
September 3 4
Aunt Jennie Festival
August 4 7
Appalachian String Band Festival
February 2
Pam Harvit Louden Heights Revisited
March 4
Gallowglass: Kick-off for Wheeling Celtic Festival
February 12
Regional History Bowl Tournament
June 20
West Virginia Day Celebration
February 22
Arts Day at the Legislature
September 17
Kid's Day at the Hall
March 4 and 5
Poetry Out Loud State Competition
March 26
Capitol Easter Carnival and Marble Tournament
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