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Volume 27, Number 3

Fall 2001 Goldenseal
Watercolor painting of Magnum Bonum apple from Sinks Grove, Monroe County, by Deborah G. Passmore, circa 1895; photograph by Jerry Markatos. Background photograph by Carl E. Feather.

Published by the
Bob Wise, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Nancy Herholdt, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Kathy Hughes
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

Anne H. Crozier
Publication Design

Fall 2001

2 Letters From Readers
6 Apple Royalty
Berkeley County's Miller Family
By Carl E. Feather
14 Heirloom Apples
By Carl E. Feather
19 A Fence Full of Apples
Espalier in Sistersville
By Carl E. Feather
22 Obert Parsons
Boone County's Apple Expert
By Patricia Black Lafferty
26 Apple Butter Time
By Helen Bradfield Shambaugh
30 Bill Wintz
Nitro's Grassroots Historian
Interview by Richard Andre
36 Norton House
Malden's Best-Kept Secret
By Sarah Dempsey
40 Visiting Historic Malden
By Colleen Anderson
42 Jim Costa
West Virginia Renaissance Man
By Belinda Anderson
47 Pioneer Tools
50 Making Judge Robinson's Death Mask
By Richard Crawford
53 Philippi's Adaland Mansion
56 "Preserved Until Judgement Day"
The Philippi Mummies
By Barbara Smith
60 Harper's Ferry Ghost Walk
By Carl E. Feather
66 Current Programs, Events, Publications
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