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Volume 36, Number 32

Fall 2010 cover
On the cover: U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd with his fiddle. Late 1970's photograph by Blanton Owen. Our stories begin on page 10.

Published by the

Joe Manchin III, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

John Lilly, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Fall 2010

2 Letters from Readers
8 Current Programs • Events • Publications
10 Remembering Robert C. Byrd
By John Lilly
12 Robert Byrd: Mountain Fiddler
By Dave Wilbur
18 Bobby on Byrd
20 "Soul of the Mountains"
A Visit with Fiddler Bobby Taylor
By Josh Gordon
24 Remembering Lincoln Taylor
Legacy of a Roane County Fiddler
By John Lilly
30 Revelation in the Mountains
West Virginia FSA Photographs
By Betty Rivard
40 William Holly Griffith
West Virginia Desperado
By H.R. Cogar
48 Huntington's Memorial Arch
By Joseph Platania
52 A Wonderland of Books
Recalling Carnegie Library in Parkersburg
By Deborah McHenry Ross
54 Gardening and Gathering
A Visit with Wanda Tucker Jarrell of Winifrede
By Alisa Stapler
59 Ginseng
Digging for Treasure in Brooke County
By Ben Copenhaver
62 L.M. McNeil's Store
By June C. Jones
64 Halloween at Mr. Mac’s Store
By Albert Pennington
66 West Virginia Back Roads
The Great Pumpkin of Preston County
By Carl E. Feather
68 2010 Films on West Virginia and Appalachia
By Steve Fesenmaier

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