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Volume 22, Number 3

Spring 2000 Goldenseal
Slim Arnold as the WVU Mountaineer, at old Mountaineer Field in the late 1930's. Slim remembers those days very well in Mary Furbee's article. Photographer unknown.


Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
William M. Drennen, Commissioner

Ken Sullivan, Editor

Debby Sonis Jackson
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Editorial Assistant

Anne H. Crozier
Graphic Design


Fall 1996

2 Letters from Readers

7 "Who Could Refuse?" Still More Cowpokes
8 Tom Brown's Music
9 "Those Weren't Bad Days"
Ritchie County Farm Life
By Larry Bartlett
12 The Stuff of Family History:
The Pallie Bartlett Papers
16 Sedor Fedukovich
A New American in Fayette County
By Kevin Anderson
22 Business, Country-Style
Buying a Truck and Hunkering Down with the Neighbors
By Albert Updike Tieche II
26 One Room Was Enough
Ed and Julia Viers, Wayne County Educators
By Paul F. Lutz
30 Education at Sand Hill
By Marc Harshman
34 Slim Arnold: Mountaineer Emeritus
By Mary R. Furbee
41 Tilting at Turbines
Nick Boinovych's Windmill
Text and Photographs by Carl E. Feather
46 "A Splendid Job Done"
Mattress Making in the Great Depression
By Eric Waggoner
51 "Ready, Wheeling and Able"
Movie Maker Ellis Dungan
By Barbara Diane Smik
57 "A Rattle Heard 'Round the Nation":
The Saga of the Brinkley Bridge
By Paul Gartner
62 Between Twistabout and Dismal
Flying Dogs and Ghost Frogs at the Haunted Mud Hole
By Patricia Samples Workman
65 Current Programs, Events, Publications
70 A WPA Thanksgiving
By Joann Mazzio