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Volume 24, Number 3

Spring 1998 Goldenseal
Detail of "Vision of Development of Salem," a 1942 mural by artist Berni Glasgow on display at the Salem post office. Small towns across West Virginia still host New Deal art, according to author Larry Bartlett. Our story begins on page 36; photo by Michael Keller.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Renay Conlin, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Connie Karickhoff
Production Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Editorial Assistant

Anne H. Crozier

Fall 1998

2 Letters from Readers
8 Current Programs, Events, Publications

12 The Hard Road Home
Governor William Casey Marland
By Rod Hoylman
20 Underwood on Marland
Interview by Rod Hoylman
24 Suffrage Crusade
By Joseph O'Keefe and Virginia Nowland
27 "I Greatly Appreciate Your Courage":
West Virginia's Women Legislators
By Jo Boggess Phillips
32 A Rose Among the Thorns:
Lawmaker Jackie Withrow
By Jo Boggess Phillips

36 Rural Murals:
New Deal Art in West Virginia
By Larry Bartlett
41 Post Office Art
A List of Post Office Artwork
42 First Class:
Bill Buckley of the Parkersburg Post Office
By Larry Bartlett
46 Paul Smith:
"A Good Word for the Post Office"
By Larry Bartlett
48 Thurl Henderson:
Delivering the Mail in Roane County
By Brian Mullins

50 After the Feud:
Livicey Hatfield's Photo Album
By Robert Spence

56 Lew Burdette:
The Pride of Nitro
By David Driver
61 Baby Birds and P-Rays
By Stuart McGehee
63 Lew Burdette Day in Nitro
By Connie Karickhoff

64 The Ghosts of Stretcher's Neck
By Leona Brown

68 New Books Available
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