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Volume 25, Number 3

Fall 99 Goldenseal
Goldenseal, or yellowroot, grows wild in much of West Virginia. Shown here is a beautiful example of cultivated goldenseal from the garden of Joe Coberly in Randolph County. Photograph by Judith Stutler.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Renay Conlin, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Connie K. Colvin
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

Anne H. Crozier

Fall 1999

2 Letters from Readers

7 Current Programs, Events, Publications
10 "Boy, That Was a Fine Bean!":
A Harvesttime Interview with an
Old-Fashioned Gardener
By Gerald Milnes
18 Seed Saving
By Gerald Milnes
20 GOLDENSEAL Update: Seed Saving Today
21 GOLDENSEAL Update: Gerald Milnes Today
22 Goldenseal
By Earl L. Core
24 In Search of the Wild Goldenseal
By Marion Harless
27 "She Didn't Go Sangin' Alone!"
By Anna B. Shue Atkins
30 We, the People of Chestnut Ridge:
A Native Community in Barbour County
By Joanne Johnson Smith, Florence Kennedy
Barnett, and Lois Kennedy Croston
38 My Memories of Mark Twain High School
By Pauline Haga
42 The Elusive Jarvis-Huntington:
Early Automobiles in West Virginia
By Joseph Platania
47 Clifford Weese and the West Virginia License Plate
By Joseph Platania
50 Sweeter Than the Flowers:
Edith Baker of King Knob
By Susan Goehring
56 Saved-Again!
Restoring the Barrackville Covered Bridge
By Mark Kemp-Rye
62 Outdoor Justice in Morgan County
By the Honorable David H. Sanders
66 Steam Power
By Edward L. Johnson
68 New books Available
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