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Volume 42, Number 1

On the cover: Logan County native and legendary fiddler Ed Haley poses for a studio portrait in the 1940s. Photo courtesy of Lawrence and Pat Haley.

Published by the

Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Karin Kercheval Design
Publication Design

Spring 2016

3 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs • Events • Publications
14 The Hatfields, the McCoys, and the Other
Matewan Shootout
An Oliverio Family Tradition
By F. Keith Davis
24 "Devil Anse" Hatfield: Soldier, Farmer,
Feudist, Movie Star?
By Randy Marcum
29 West Virginia Music Hall of Fame
By Nancy Adams
37 Vandalia Time!
41 Liars Contest
45 Ben Carr and His Banjo: What Music Means
By Marketa S. Smith
50 Fairmont's Last Living Slave: "Aunt Hat"
Wilson Whitely
By M. Raymond Alvarez
56 "Blair Mountain Changed My Life!"
Reflections on the 1921 Armed Miner's March
By Fred Barkey
64 West Virginians on the Mexican Border
a Century Ago
By James E. Casto
68 West Virginia Back Roads
It's In Her Background: Helen Bowers' Garden
By Carl E. Feather
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