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Volume 46, Number 1

On the cover: Matewan Depot, courtesy of the Eastern Regional Coal Archives at the Norfolk and Western Historical Photograph Collection, Norfolk Southern Archives, Virginia—Virginia Tech Special Collections, Blacksburg, Va.

Published by the

Jim Justice, Governor

Randall Reid-Smith, Curator
Department of Arts, Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Joseph Aluise, Assistant Editor

Jacob Hall Design
Publication Design

Spring 2020

2 From the Editor
6 Having a Chicken Blast at Weirton’s
Serbian Picnic Grounds
By Emily Hilliard
8 1920 Advice to Graduates
By Ellen Lambert
10 “A terrible calamity”: The Massacre
at Matewan
By Aaron Parsons
19 The Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency
By Aaron Parsons
24 Who Fired First?
By Doug Estepp
30 The Lively Letter
By Doug Estepp
32 The Lively Letter Backstory
By Ken Sullivan
33 “Her hour of need”: Jessie Maynard
By Randy Marcum
38 A Tale of Two Matewans
By Stan Bumgardner
48 Matewan: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
By Kenzie New
52 2019 Vandalia Contest Winner
54 2019 Vandalia Liars Contest
56 2019 Vandalia Award Recipient:
Dwight Diller
By Kim Johnson
58 Kirk Judd: West Virginia’s
Spoken-Word Poet
By Dan Kincaid
63 Communion: Barred Owls Under
Bishop’s Knob
By Kirk Judd
64 Shinnston Plumbing: A 120-Year-Old
Family-Owned Business
By Edwin Daryl Michael
70 May Show Maddox: Fairmont’s Gold
Star Mother
By M. Raymond Alvarez
74 West Virginia Back Roads: Berkeley
Springs’ Brightest Star
By Carl E. Feather
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