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Volume 23, Number 1

Goldenseal cover
Our bouncy Mr. Springtime is "The Great Me" character from the books of Lou Austin, reflecting the better side of everyone. Stephanie Earls's story on the Austins and Capon Springs begins on page 9. Illustration by F.O. Alexander, copyright Partnership Foundation, 1957.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
William M. Drennen, Commissioner

Ken Sullivan, Editor

Debby Sonis Jackson
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Editorial Assistant

Anne H. Crozier
Graphic Design

Spring 1997

2 From the Editor: A Fond Farewell
4 Letters from Readers
7 Current Programs, Events, Publications

9 A King-Sized Reunion
Capon Springs Resort
by Stephanie Earls
14 A Little Idea with Great Expectations

18 "The War is Over - Weather Fair"
The Journal of J.W. Cline
By Jean Battlo

25 Join Hands and Circle
Old Time Dancing Alive and Well
by Mack Samples
28 Dancing at Ireland
31 16 Years of Foot-Stompin'
The Footmad Story
by Karen L. Fletcher

33 According to Miss Alice
A Farm Girl Recalls Coal Town Life
Interview by Fred Barkey

40 Making a Life in the Valley
Witt Jennings of the Upper Kanawha
by Caroline P. Jennings
44 Was Witt Jennings Involved?
The Hawks Nest Tragedy

48 "The Worst Disaster in the
Memory of Man"
Recalling the '50 Flood
by Joy Gilchrist
52 More Bad Weather:
The Big Snow of 1950
56 When the River Came to Our House:
Riding Out the Flood of 1936
by Geraldine Jacobs Baker

60 "Buck Ain't No Ordinary Dog"
The 1996 Liars Contest
64 Mixed News from the Old Champ:
Paul Lepp Takes Charge
65 Vandalia Time!

68 By the Signs
by Joann Mazzio
70 Try It Yourself
by Debby Sonis Jackson