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Buy, Sell, Trade, and Give Away
WHAW's Swap Shop

By John Lilly

Steve Peters mans the controls at WHAW in Weston. Photograph by Mark Crabtree.

“You are listening to WHAW radio, 980 AM, along with WOTR 96.3 FM, broadcasting from Weston/Lost Creek. Good morning, this is the Swap Shop”

“Good morning. This is Randolph County. I’ll tell you a little secret. I don’t have near as much since the snow went off. I do have a four-wheeler for sale – a Suzuki. It’s got a snow plow on it. It’s a ’99 model. And it’s in good shape and I’m asking $1,400 for it. The price is negotiable on it.

“I still have a Red Ryder wagon and a scooter, and iron-runner sled, it sells for $135 and the price is negotiable on them.

“I still got two wooden chairs – kitchen chairs – for $30. I also got that metal iron stand, it’s got rollers and it’s in excellent shape for $15.

“I sold one of them boards, I got the other board. I’m asking $10 for it. It’s an inch-and-an-eighth thick, it’s seven-and-a-half-foot long, it’s 16 inch on one end and 19 on the other. They’ve not been pressed together or nothing, they’re solid boards. I’m asking $10 apiece for them.

“And I sold my stereo, but I still got an air-conditioner/heater core for a Ford pick-up truck for sale for $25. Also got an aluminum bell housing for a Ford pick-up. It’ll fit a 302 or a six-cylinder. Everything goes with it, for $25. It goes from an ‘80 back down to a ‘72, it’ll fit that six-cylinder down to a 302. There’s nothing wrong with it.

“I still have a window for sale. And I got a storm door – a 36-inch storm door. Vinyl door, and I’m asking $20 for it, and all the hardware’s with it.

“That’s about it today. I’ve sold about everything else I got. And my phone number is 636-5106 or 642-4807 is my cell phone number. You all have a good day, and take care!”

Since 1997, radio listeners in Lewis County and surrounding areas have tuned into WHAW on Saturday mornings to station co-owner Steve Peters and his weekly Swap Shop. Cars, swimming pools, coon dogs, tire rims, pepperoni rolls, domestic relationships, and who-knows-what-else go on the block as listeners wheel and deal over Weston’s air waves.

“Good morning. You’re on the Swap Shop.”

“Good morning. I’ve only got two items today. I got a lot of kids. I got one that’ll haul junk. And he’s here in Lewis County. I’ve got a collection of Avon Christmas plates. And the number for them is 997-8470.”

“Do you have a price on them?”

“No, no, no. I’ve got to get them out and see how many I got.”

“Is that it?”

“That’s about it. You all have a good day.”

“269-5555. We’re coming back. Y’all come back with us.”

Steve Peters is a genial fellow, probably in his early 60’s, with a relaxed manner, graying temples, and a pleasant radio voice. He doesn’t like to talk about himself, but it is clear that he loves Weston, West Virginia people, radio, and old-time country music. He and his son do some performing around central West Virginia, and Steve opens his studios to local and traveling musicians on a regular basis.

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