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Volume 23, Number 2

Goldenseal Cover Summer 1997
Daniel Richmond, with oxen Ike and Mike, takes a break from hauling logs on his beautiful Raleigh County homestead. Men and draft animals work together throughout West Virginia, continuing a strong tradition as old as time. Stories begin on page 9; photo by Michael Keller.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Renay Conlin, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Debby Sonis Jackson
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Editorial Assistant

Anne H. Crozier
Graphic Design

Summer 97

1 Editorial
2 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs, Events, Publications

10 "All They Knew Was Pull and Get It"
Daniel Richmond About Then and Now
Interview by Lisa Gray Millimet
14 How to Train a Giant
18 Randolph County Horsepower
By Judith Stutler
20 Pulling the Weight, Doing the Work
Barbour County's Horse Pull
By Eric G. Waggoner

26 Ben Gravely's Garden Tractor
By John L. Marra
31 "Dear Gravely"
33 West Virginia State Farm Museum

36 "I Was Never Afraid of Anything"
Pilot Rose Rolls Cousins
By Mary Rodd Furbee
41 Flight Memories
42 Dubie, Spanky, and Mr. Death
West Virginia's Pioneering Black Airmen
By Ancella R. Bickley

45 Elmer Bird
The Banjo Man From Turkey Creek
By Paul Gartner

53 Augusta Festival
By Katherine Roberts
60 Stonewall Jackson Heritage Jubilee
By Danny Williams

64 Lefty Shafer Wins Vandalia Award

65 Free Drinks in Nature's Air-Conditioned City
Bluefield's Lemonade Escapades
By Stuart McGehee

70 Lucky Lindy
By Geraldine Baker