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Volume 26, Number 4

Winter 2000 Goldenseal
Knothead, a Walker hound belonging to Jerry Shaffer, trees a raccoon in rural Kanawha County. Photograph and hand-tinting by Michael Keller.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Department of Arts, Culture and History

John Lilly, Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

Anne H. Crozier
Colleen Anderson

Winter 2000

2 Letters from Readers

7 Current Programs, Events, Publications
10 Coondog Heaven
By John Blisard
18 What Is a Coondog, Anyway?
20 Raccoon Tales
Interview by Patricia Workman
24 Straight Talk On Coondogs:
Clennie Workman On the Air
28 Turning and Learning:
Paul Weinberger's Woodshop
By Dave Shombert
35Passing It On: West Virginia Folks Arts
Apprenticeship Program
By Gerald Milnes
38 "Where the Rails Turn Up":
Slovenes in Richwood
By Nancy Svet Burnett
46 A Dream Fulfilled:
The Life and Times of Parthenia Edmonds
By Pauline Haga
52 Memories of a Mining Family:
Tony Armstead Recalls Four Generations
By Sharon L. Gardner
58 Butchering As Ritual
By Lillian Poe Beeson
62 Christmas in Canebrake
By Ross W. Marrs
64 Mountain Music Roundup
By Paul Gartner
69 GOLDENSEAL 2000 Index
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