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Volume 23, Number 4

Winter 97 Goldenseal
The Koukoulis family of Weirton, 1927. Charles and Panagiota with children Angelo (seated) and Helen. Background from Sabraton National Herald newspaper, March 10, 1923. Photo restoration and cover concept by Greg Clark.

Published by the
Cecil H. Underwood, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Renay Conlin, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Debby Sonis Jackson
Assistant Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Editorial Assistant

Anne H. Crozier
Graphic Design

Winter 1997

1 Editorial
2 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs, Events, Publications

10 Ely-Thomas Lumber Company
By Patricia Samples Workman
20 Memories of Ely-Thomas Through the Eyes
of a Child
By Margaret Grose Winebrenner
23 Confessions of a Lumberjack
E. Luther Copeland

28 Hand-Clapping and Hallelujahs
A Visit with Ethel Caffie-Austin
Michael Kline
32 Safeguarding My Virtue

36 A Bundle of Treasures
Greeks in West Virginia
By Pamela Makricosta
44 Yiayia's Bundle

46 Mining in the Melting Pot
The African American Influx Into the McDowell County Mines
By Jean Battlo
52 Black Migration to Southern West Virginia, 1870-1930

54 Making Jam and Sour Grapes
Anna Lee Terry and Her Mountain Cookbook
By Mary Rodd Furbee
59 Bootstraps and Biscuits

63 Churning Butter
By John Cooper

65 A Pretty Little Box For Christmas
By Edelene Wood


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