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Stock up on GOLDENSEAL back issues! Purchase any of the magazines listed below for just $3.95 each, plus shipping, while supplies last. Pay just $3 each, plus shipping, on orders of 10 or more.

Better yet, take advantage of our Deluxe Gift Package. Own all of the issues listed here, a copy of The GOLDENSEAL Book of the West Virginia Mine Wars, a color reprint of our 1985 article about Homer Laughlin China, reprints about fiddlers Glen Smith and Woody Simmons, the Last Public Hanging, plus other assorted reprints while supplies last, all for the low price of $50, including shipping.

Treat yourself or treat a friend to this memorable collection from GOLDENSEAL. There is no better way to celebrate West Virginia Traditional Life!

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You can order back issues with your credit card by visiting our Online Shop, or you can order by cutting out and mailing in the form below.

___ Spring 2010/Pilot Steve Weaver
 ___ Fall 2012/Cameo Glass
 ___ Winter 2012/Travelers’ Repose
 ___ Spring 2013/Sam McColloch
 ___ Summer 2013/Sesquicentennial
 ___ Fall 2013/Folklife Goes to College
 ___ Winter 2013/Cranberry Wilderness
 ___ Spring 2014/Celebrating 40 Years!
 ___ Summer 2014/Baseball!
 ___ Fall 2014/Fairmont Architecture
 ___ Spring 2015/West Virginia Food Heritage
 ___Summer 2015/Mine Lights
 ___Fall 2015/Traditional Dance
 ___Winter 2015/Fiddler Ed Haley
 ___Spring 2016/The Hatfields
 ___Summer 2016/Billy Edd Wheeler
 ___Fall 2016/The Flood of 2016
 ___Winter 2016/Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later
 ___Spring 2017/40 Years of Vandalia
 ___Summer 2017/Reminiscing About Richwood
 ___Fall 2017/WVU 150 Years
 ___Winter 2017/Silver Bridge
 ___Spring 2018/Frank George

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Please make check or money order payable to GOLDENSEAL. Send to:

The Culture Center
1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
Charleston, WV 25305-0300

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