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Post Office Art

All of the art commissioned by the U.S. Treasury for West Virginia during the Depression is still on display throughout the state. You can find this artwork in the following post offices:

Fayetteville — mural called "The Miners," oil on canvas by Nixford Baldwin, 1938. Depicts several coal mining scenes. Extends across one wall.
Kenova — five relief carvings in wood called "Worker." Depict man with hammer in middle surrounded by industrial scenes. Carved 1939. Centerpiece approximately 4' tall, others smaller.
Lewisburg — mural called "Old Time Camp Meeting" by Robert Gates, 1940. Approximately 8' x 10'.
Logan — relief carving called "The Letter" by Gleb Derujinsky. Depicts bare breasted woman carrying pen and paper in her hands. Approximately 4' x 6'.
Mannington — large mural by Richard Zoellner, 1941. Depicts landscape view of Mannington.
Marlinton — two murals called "Mill Point" and "Visions" by Edwin Doniphan, 1939. One depicts the old mill at Mill Point, one depicts Marlinton from Price Hill. Each approximately 5' x 12'.
Mount Hope — mural called "Mining" by Michael Lensen, 1942. Depicts seven coal miners working. Approximately 7' x 20'.
Oak Hill — relief carving in beige stone called "Colonial Mail Rider" by Henri Crenier. Depicts settler woman in a field receiving letter from mail carrier on horseback. Approximately 4' x 6'.
Ripley — relief carving in wood called "Pride of Jackson County" by Joseph Servas, 1940. Depicts farm scene. Approximately 4' x 4'.
St. Albans — relief carving in wood called "Science & Industry" by Ruben Kramer, 1941. Depicts man sitting in front of industrial buildings. Approximately 3½' x 5'.
St. Marys — large mural by Alexander Clayton entitled "St. Marys and Industries of the Region," 1939. Depicts harvest scene: man with workhorse, woman with egg basket, farm animals and vegetables. Vivid colors.
Salem — mural by Berni Glasgow, 1942, entitled "Vision of Development of Salem." Depicts people receiving mail with village and cattle in the background. Approximately 6' x 12'.
Spencer — relief carving in plaster by Vicki Totten, entitled "Pastoral of Spencer." Depicts Roane County farm scene with oil derricks in background. Approximately 4' x 4'.
Webster Springs — glazed terra cotta in three panels. Called "Springtime" by Lenore Thomas. Depicts a child swinging with parents on each side. Panels appoximately 3' x 5'.
Weirton (Cove Station) — large mural on canvas by Charles Chapman, 1940. Depicts Captain Bilderbock and settlers marching through forest to thwart an Indian attack on Fort Wheeling, 1777. Recently restored.
Elkins (Monongahela National Forest Service Building) — two murals entitled "Mining Village" and "Forest Service," by Stevan Dohanos, 1939.