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Volume 29, Number 1

Spring 2003 cover
On the cover: The 18-foot-diameter stained glass dome in the Randolph County courthouse in Elkins, long hidden from view, has recently been uncovered and restored to its original beauty. Photograph of dome detail by Michael Keller. Our story begins on page 10.

Published by the
Bob Wise, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Nancy Herholdt, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Spring 2003

2 From the Editor
3 Letters from Readers
7 Current Programs*Events*Publications
10 Bringing Back the Beauty
Stained Glass Restoration in Randolph County
By Barbara Smith
15 West Virginia Stained Glass
A Brief History
By Dean Six
18 Mission in the Mountains
West Virginia’s Pallottine Sisters
By Joseph Platania
26 Coming Home
The George Hajash Story
By Belinda Anderson
32 The Fighting Hajash Brothers
34 Milroy’s Road
By Donna McGuire Tanner
38 Early Life on the Nuzum Dairy Farm
By John White
44 “Go See Sonny”
Hedrick’s Store in Hendricks
By Carl Feather
51 Looking Back on Hendricks
52 Spinning Memories on Fowler Branch
By John “J.J.” Ward
55 Living By the Bell
56 The West Virginia Coon Hunters
On the Trail of a Lost String Band
By John Lilly
60 2002 Liars Contest
64 A Shared Heritage
Images of Vandalia
Photoessay by Michela Caudill
69 Flatfoot Dancer Dorsel Harrison
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