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Volume 32, Number 1

Virgil Lewis painting
Pepperoni rolls are the unofficial state food of West Virginia. Our story begins on page 10. Photograph by Michael Keller.

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Joe Manchin III, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

John Lilly, Editor

Gordon Simmons
Editorial Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

BlaineTurner Advertising, Inc.
Publication Design

Spring 2006

2 From the Editor
3 Letters from Readers
7 Current Programs*Events*Publications
10 The Pepperoni Roll
State Food of West Virginia
By Colleen Anderson
15 Postcards from the Pepperoni Highway
By Jeanne Mozier
20 Tressie Dale Smith
More Than a Lunch Lady to Me
By Jerry Carpenter
24 Flummery and Purslane
Food and the Great Depression
By Maureen Crockett
30 Burgoo, the Stew
By Allen D. Arnold
34 Bergoo, the Town
By Mark Romano
38 A Year in the Country
By Beryle Hess McDougal
3 What the Old Folks Say
By Beryle Hess McDougal
44 Raising Calves in Monroe County
By Mike Walker
50 Grandma and the Gentleman
By Gene Bailey
52 Slim Bosely and His Outhouse
By Warren Poling
56 “Finding a Face in the Stone”
Folk Artist Earl Gray
By Jeff Pierson
62 West Virginia Back Roads
Grant Kimble’s Store
A “Scherr” Thing in Grant County
By Carl E. Feather
64 2005 Liars Contest
1st Place
2nd Place
67 Vandalia Time!
Photoessay by Michael Keller
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