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Volume 37, Number 1

Spring 2011 Cover
On the cover: Former students at West Virginia State University participate in a step show at Institute last fall. Photograph by Tyler Evert. Our story begins on page 46.

Published by the

Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

John Lilly, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Spring 2011

3 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs Events Publications
18 Modeling History
John Bowman and his Steamboats
By Carl E. Feather
16 “We’re Very Blessed”
Sweet Life at Laurel Fork Farm
By Carl E. Feather
22 Randolph County Cattleman Herman Isner
By Barbara Smith
30 Mom Was a Hard Worker
Remembering Jennie Bee Hall
By Jessie Lee Maiuri
36 Three Boys and a Train
By C.W. “Bill” Jarrett
40 "Run Down to Gianato's"
Kimball Memories
By Jean Battlo
44 Kimball’s War Memorial
By Gerald Milnes
46 Stepping!
By John Lilly
52 The Morris Brothers
Music from the Head of the Holler
By John Lilly
60 Vandalia Time!
66 2010 Liars Contest
68 West Virginia Back Roads
Dwar Cooper's Chain-Saw Shop in Harman
By Carl E. Feather
70 New Books Available
By John Lilly

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