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Volume 29, Number 2

Summer 2003 cover
On the cover: Retired Major General Charles R. Fox served as state adjutant general from 1946-57. Photograph by Michael Keller. Our story begins on page 10.

Published by the
Bob Wise, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Nancy Herholdt, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Summer 2003

2 Letters From Readers
6 Current Programs*Events*Publications
10 Major General Charles R. Fox
By Russ Barbour
18 “Win With Katie McGee”
The First Governor of Girls’ State Looks Back
By Sharon Wilmoth Harsh
25 The Wedding of the Bluefields
By Stuart McGehee
30 The Norwalk
Martinsburg’s Motor Car
By Daniel J. Friend
38 “The Dirt Was Flying”
Racing Pioneer Dave Kurtz
By Tom Adamich
45 “I Was Born Talking”
Lois Koontz Nypl on Selling Cars
Interview by Ginny Painter
50 Bulltown of My Youth
By Duane Lockard
55 Bulltown Historical Area
56 Country Store Opry
Grant County’s Country Music Capitol
By Carl E. Feather
62 “So Proud To Be Here”
A Visit With Comedienne Elsie Whitmer
By Carl E. Feather
66 “We Like This Old Music”
Wetzel County’s Hillbilly Haven
By Carl E. Feather
70 New Books Available
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