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Major General
Charles R. Fox

By Russ Barbour

Retired Major General Charles Ralph Fox, West Virginia Adjutant General from 1946 and 1957, remains one of West Virginia’s most distinguished and respected military veterans. Photograph by Harris & Ewing, 1951. Courtesy of the West Virginia State Archives, Charles Fox Collection.

Major General Fox

When I first went to interview retired Major General Charles R. Fox at his home, I could do nothing less than look in awe at the walls of his family room. Two Bronze Stars, a Legion of Merit medal, service medals from Vietnam, the Distinguished Service Medal of West Virginia, the Cloud and Banner Medal of China, and many other citations and awards filled one wall. Another offered photographs of friends, colleagues, and fellow soldiers Fox has met along the way. Among these are the Flying Tigers’ Lieutenant General Claire Chennault, China’s General of the Army Ho Ying Chin, and Secretary of Defense under President Harry Truman, Louis Johnson. One photo showed General Fox with President Lyndon Johnson.

At 90 years of age, General Fox can look back with justifiable pride over a military career that officially spanned 40 years, two months, and seven days. In the largest sense, though, his achievements encompass nearly a century of dedication and service to his country, and to the people of West Virginia.

You can read the rest of this article in the Summer 2003 issue of Goldenseal, available in bookstores, libraries or direct from Goldenseal.