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Volume 30, Number 2

Summer2004 cover
On the cover: Author Dan B. Fleming, Jr., on his last day at the New York World’s Fair on August 30, 1940, in the fair’s West Virginia building. Our story begins on page 10. Photographer unknown; coloration by Michael Keller.

Published by the
Bob Wise, Governor

Department of Arts, Culture and History
Nancy Herholdt, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Summer 2004

2 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs*Events*Publications
10 A West Virginia Boy at the New York World’s Fair
By Dan B. Fleming, Jr.
18 West Virginia’s Three State Songs
By Richard Ramella
24 State of Music
Songs of Hills and Home
By Richard Ramella
29 When “Country Roads” Began
Genesis of a Mountain State Favorite
By Richard Ramells
30 “Salt Pork, West Virginia”
A Musical Mystery Solved
By Bill Archer and Richard Ramella
32 “West Virginia, My Home”
A Visit With Hazel Dickens
Interview by John Lilly
3x Listen to the Music
By Richard Ramella
38 Guy Kelley
The Beekeeper of Bloomingrose
By Kathy O. Smith Hundley
43 Beekeeping in West Virginia
46 Fishing in Berwind
By John Burnett
50 A City Preacher Comes to Pendleton County
By Lawton W. Posey
55 A Miracle at Fall Run Church
By Roscoe Plumley
56 “Across the Ocean in Philadelphia”
My Early Years in Mineral County
By Betty Bowers Snyder
62 Oakhurst Links
Golfing the Old-Time Way
By David Cottrill
66 Mountain State Miniature Golf
Almost Heaven in 18 Holes
Photoessay by Michael Keller
68 West Virginia Back Roads
A Plate from Every State
License Plate Forest in Pleasant Valley
By Carl E. Feather
70 Back Issues Available
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