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Volume 32, Number 2

Elaine Purkey
On the cover: Activist and songwriter Elaine Purkey from Harts, Lincoln County, performs at the Cultural Center in Charleston. Our story begins on page 14. Photograph by Michael Keller.

Published by the

Joe Manchin III, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

John Lilly, Editor

Gordon Simmons
Editorial Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

BlaineTurner Advertising, Inc.
Publication Design

Summer 2006

2 Letters from Readers
6 “Let’s Show Them What a Fight We Can Give Them”
The Black Lung Movement in West Virginia
By Catherine Moore
14 “One Day More"
Activist Songwriter Elaine Purkey
By Paul Gartner
21 Son of the Struggle
A Visit with William C. Blizzard
Interview by C. Belmont “Chuck” Keeney

26 The Battle of Blair Mountain
A Brief Overview
By Gordon Simmons

27 “I Like to Tell This History”
William O. Macoughtry, Jr., Recalls the Treason Trials
By Daniel J. Friend

31 Jefferson County Courthouse and Jail

32 Charles Town Photographer John League
By Daniel J. Friend

36 The Taste of Coal
By Marsha S. Brand
38 When We Were Boy Scouts
By W. Joseph Wyatt
46 Over the Hill Is Out
Baseball in the Projects
By Karl Priest
52 Blackberry Tales
By Nicole Rose
56 Still Standing in Tucker County
Sonny Lansberry Carries On
By Carl E. Feather
62 Redeeming the Real Crum
By Carl E. Feather
68 West Virginia Back Roads
Go Fish
Discovering Pleasure Valley
By Carl E. Feather
70 Current Programs*Events*Publications

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