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Volume 42, Number 2

On the cover: Songwriter, musician, author, painter, and raconteur Billy Edd Wheeler, 2016. Photo by Kim Johnson.

Published by the

Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Arts, Culture and History

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Department of Arts, Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Karin Kercheval Design
Publication Design

Summer 2016

2 Letters from Readers
4 Announcements
6 The State Folklorist's Notebook
By Emily Hilliard
8    The Many Faces of West Virginia
By Kim Weitkamp
12 "You write songs like people breathe":
Billy Edd Wheeler, Renaissance Man
By Michael M. Meador
24 Remembering "Aunt Jennie" Wilson
By Billy Edd Wheeler
26 The Culture Center:
West Virginia's "Treasure House"
By Stan Bumgardner
39 Fair Minded
By Anna Dickson James
44 The Roots Run Deep:
Berry Farming in West Virginia
By Steven Keith
50 Johnse Hatfield:
Violence and Mayhem after the Vendetta
By F. Keith Davis
56 City Kids on the Farm
By Kate Quinn
62 Rentals, Radios, and Resurgence:
The State Police in the 1930s
By Merle T. Cole
67 Another Mystery:
How Did Samuel D. Brady Die?
By Merle T. Cole
68 West Virginia Back Roads
A Tale of Two Centuries
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