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Volume 44, Number 2

On the cover: Jane George holding a willow basket, 1993. Photo by Michael Keller.

Published by the

Jim Justice, Governor

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Jacob Hall Design
Publication Design

Summer 2018

2 From the Editor
4 Letters From Readerss
12 Patrick Gainer’s
Folk Songs from the West Virginia Hills
By Emily Hilliard
14 Jane George: A Lifetime of Inspiration
By Stan Bumgardner
23 The Beginning of My Hobby – Scottish Dancing
By Beth Parkins
28 My Memories of Jane
By David O’Dell
30 Jane George: “Like a second mother to me”
By W.I. “Bill” Hairston
32 West Virginia Music Hall of Fame
Class of 2018
By Nancy Adams
42 The Morgantown Shirt Factory
By Christy Venham and Jeanne Grimm
48 Growing up in Madison
“I wouldn’t trade it for any other time”
By John A. Hunter, Jr.
54 From Doctors in Pax to the Hospital Bottom
By John A. Hunter, Jr.
56 Artist Jamie Lester
By Norman Julian
62 Philippi’s White Elephant
By Steve Weaver
64 Hickory Hill: Restoring a Childhood Home
By Jennifer Brennan
68 Fort Hill: Seven Generations of Farming
By Jeffrey S. Smith
72 The Pigtown Fling
By Laiken Boyd
79 West Virginia Back Roads:
From Magistrate to Lawn Artist
By Carl E. Feather
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