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Volume 28, Number 4

Winter 2002 cover
On the cover: Dressed for the season, young Maxson B. Collins poses on a sled in this studio portrait taken with his mother Ruby Jane Maxson in about 1912. Mr. Collins, now 92, shares memories of growing up in Berlin, Lewis County, beginning on page 29.

Published by the
Bob Wise, Governor

Division of Culture and History
Nancy Herholdt, Commissioner

John Lilly, Editor

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

A.C. Designs
Publication Design

Winter 2002

2 Letters from Readers
6 Current Programs * Events * Publications
10 "I'm the One Who Stayed"
Walter Taitt's 99 Years in Volcano
By Betty Leavengood
16 "Just a Good, Clean Life"
Ben Borda of Marion County
Interview by Michael and Carrie Kline
22 Lebanese in the Land of Opportunity
The Michael Family of Clarksburg
By Mary Beth Stenger
29 Berlin
Boyhood Memories in Lewis County
By Maxson B. Collins
34 Crider's Store
By Robert Whitcomb
40 Gravedigger Dallas Dunn
Interview by Amber Griffith
42 The Lost Art of Gravedigging
Photographs by Michael Keller
46 Carved in Stone
West Virginia Grave Markers
By Gerald Milnes
54 "I Won't Be Home No More"
The Death of Hank Williams
By Maura Kistler
64 Hank's Lost Charleston Show
By John Lilly
66 Mountain Music Roundup
By John Lilly
69 GOLDENSEAL 2002 Index
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