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Volume 33, Number 4

Winter 2007 Goldenseal cover
On the cover: Bernard Gainer in Parkersburg, about 1903. Our story about photographer Lloyd Gainer begins on page 40.

Published by the

Joe Manchin III, Governor

Kay Goodwin, Secretary
Department of Education and the Arts

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

John Lilly, Editor

Gordon Simmons
Editorial Assistant

Cornelia Crews Alexander
Circulation Manager

BlaineTurner Advertising, Inc.
Publication Design

Winter 2007

2 Letters from Readers
Current Programs*Events*Publications
8 Marx Toy Company
Making Memories in Glen Dale
By Cheryl Harshman
14 The Official Marx Toy Museum
By Cheryl Harshman
16 The Caboose Man
A Visit with Jim Mullins of Madison
By Bob Withers
22 Tales of a B&O Fireman
By Charles E. Brannon
28 Glory Bound
Chapel Cars Come to West Virginia
By Wilma Rugh Taylor
34 LH&W Railroad
The Mason Family’s Backyard Train
By Carl E. Feather
40 The Photography of Lloyd Gainer
Worth 10,000 Words
By John Lilly
50 “Daddy Loved Music”
Recalling Guitarist Roy Harvey
By Matt Meacham
56 The Music of Roy Harvey
58 Schoolboy and the Blizzard
By Hobart Everson
60 The Manger Scene
By Raymond Alvarez
64 West Virginia Back Roads
Bible Walk in Morgantown
By Carl E. Feather
66 Mountain Music Round-up
By John Lilly
69 GOLDENSEAL 2007 Index

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