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Volume 43, Number 4

On the cover: Recovery crews hoist the wreckage of the Silver Bridge from the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, December 1967. Courtesy of the Point Pleasant River Museum & Learning Center.

Published by the

Jim Justice, Governor

Gayle C. Manchin, Secretary
Office of Education and the Arts

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner
Division of Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Kim Johnson,
Editorial Assistant

Jacob Hall Design
Publication Design

Winter 2017

2 From the Editor
3 My Mountain Mama: 1967-1978
By Crystal Good
4 Letters from Readers
6 Woodworker Charles Steven Adams
By Emily Hilliard
8 The Silver Bridge Disaster
By Stan Bumgardner
18 Point Pleasant
20 Jimmy Joe Wedge: Memories of the
Silver Bridge Disaster
By Stan Bumgardner
24 The Resilience of West Virginians
By Karin Fuller
26 Point Pleasant: A Photo Essay
By Steve Brightwell
36 The Revenooers: Enforcing Prohibition
In West Virginia
By Merle T. Cole
46 Bill Browning
By Paul Gartner
55 "Dark Hollow"
By Eric Thompson
56 The Case of the Traveling Dress
By Phyllis Marks
58 Dira Stout Sr.: Steam Locomotive Prodigy
By Alan Byer
64 Steam Locomotives in the West Virginia Woods
By Alan Byer
68 The Swecks' Circle Tour
By Borgon Tanner
74 Mountain Music Roundup
By Paul Gartner
78 West Virginia Back Roads
A Dentist at the Pinnacle
By Carl E. Feather
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