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Volume 45, Number 4

On the cover: West Virginia’s Troubadour Mike Morningstar. Photo by Steve Brightwell.

Published by the

Jim Justice, Governor

Randall Reid-Smith, Curator
Department of Arts, Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Joseph Aluise, Assistant Editor

Jacob Hall Design
Publication Design

Winter 2019

2 From the Editor
3 Letters from Readers
10 New Legends & Lore: Roadside Markers
Commemorate the Alderson Lion, John Henry,
Johnnie Johnson, and Pepperoni Rolls
By Emily Hilliard
12 Mike Morningstar: West Virginia’s
By Charlotte Whipkey
20 “West Virginia Girl”
By Mike Morningstar
21 War and Pandemic: Nursing Becomes
a Profession
By Cynthia Mullens
26 Shanghai: Winter Revels in West Virginia
By Gerald Milnes
32 Clay in My Blood
By Jeff Diehl
39 Gram’s Kitchen
By Laurel Muhly-Alexander
40 Our Forgotten Civil War:
Ritchie County’s School Crisis
By Phillip L. Crane
46 Crane Custom Baits
By Dave Villers
52 Making Crane Baits
By Dave Villers
54 One Man’s Treasure: Dr. Elmer
Myers and a Blue Plastic File Box
By Barbara Smith
58 “Ask for more than you’ll
settle for”: The Strip-Mining Fight
By Michael Evans Snyder
64 Mike Snyder: Self-Proclaimed Contrarian
By Tom Rice
66 Strip Mining: Where Are We Headed
By Michael Evans Snyder
68 “Mountaineers Are Always Free”
By Mike Morningstar
70 Mountain Music Roundup
By Paul Gartner
76 West Virginia Back Roads: Last Surviving
Tuskegee Airman Clifton E. Brooks Sr.: West Virginia’s Last Surviving Tuskegee Airman
By Mike Morningstar
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