State Service Commission

The West Virginia State Service Commission was formed in 1901, the result of an ongoing process within West Virginia government since 1865, to provide payment for services rendered by the state militia and home guard of West Virginia in the Civil War. Gov. George W. Atkinson recommended to the West Virginia Legislature the board be created to investigate claims of service, and the commission was to consist of the adjutant general and two citizens chosen from the two major political parties. According to an article by Mary Johnson and Joe Geiger in West Virginia History (Vol. 58: 1999 - 2000) , "Printed forms were provided to claimants on which they were required to state the length and nature of their service during the war, their rank, and how much compensation they had received previously.. This form also contained space on which a claimant could name a few other members of his unit.

"Of nearly fifteen hundred claims, the commission allowed thirteen totaling $782.07. That so few claims were approved was due to the decision of the commission to exclude claims made for service which no contemporary record documented, claims by persons who had been paid previously and acknowledged the same, claims for service in improperly organized companies or outside the authority of the state, and claims for service other than active duty."

"In 1903 Gov. Albert White asked the West Virginia Legislature to appropriate money to pay the thirteen approved claims."

In addition to the often detailed military information contained in these applications there can be found the age and residence of the soldier when filing. Other documents found in some files consisted of their original commissions, statements from fellow soldiers as well as some Confederates, wills and estate settlements, canceled envelopes, and other materials to support their claims. Often the claimant is deceased (although the file is listed under their name) and the heir has applied and provided information on the death of the soldier and/or a power of attorney paper. Many of these names do not appear in the West Virginia State Archives Union Militia database.

There are some odd entries, such as a widow applying for her husband who served in the 45th Virginia Infantry of the Confederate army, some men applying for service rendered in a regular military organization such as the 14th West Virginia Infantry (they probably misunderstood and thought this was for a pension), and a few that served as scouts or spies.

This collection, part of the Adjutant General papers, is arranged alphabetical by county followed in each county by an alphabetical listing of the claimants. Some counties had no applications and for some soldiers envelopes were located but no papers found, or vice versa.

An asterisk (*) indicates an envelope was found, but no documents were enclosed.

Barbour County
Bartlett, Franklin
Bennett, Levi
Board, George W.
Bolton, Jasper
Bolton, Stephen
Boylen, Daniel
Boylen, John
Clevenger, Benjamin J.
Clevenger, George C.
Cook, John M. C.
Crites, Michael
Cunningham, Andrew A.
Daugherty, Jacob A.
Furr, Ephraim
Gall, Gustavus H.
George, William M.
Greathouse, John
Haller, E. F. M.
Heatherly, Thomas
Hickman, Isaac
Hudkins, Richard D.
Jenkins, Middleton
Jenkins, Noah J.
Johnson, Ephraim
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, Simon
Knight, Benjamin J.
Lake, Peyton B
Lance, Jefferson
Layman, Camden A.
Lough, G. A.
Lough, Lewis
Malcolm, D. Taylor
Malcolm, William I.
McCaulley, Emry C.
McCauly, Ephraim
McConly, David G.
McDaniels, William S.
McGee, John W.
Mitchell, Isaac
Mouser, David H.
Nutter, Hiram
Parks, Danville
Payne, James R.
Payne, William M.
Pitman, E. A.
Pitman, H. C.
Poling, Alfred J.
Poling, Benjamin
Poling, Isiah
Price, William
Proudfoot, James R.
Proudfoot, John H.
Reed, L. D.
Reed, Nathan
Reeder, Albert A.
Reeder, Noah (Manoah)
Sanders, David W.
Shaffer, Ballard
Shaffer, Benjamin F.
Shaffer, Stingley
Shockey, Ira
Shockey, Jacob
Simon, Andrew
Simon, Benjamin
Simon, Bronson
Simon, Joseph B. A.
Simon, Michael
Simon, Moses
Simpson, William
Swick, James
Swick, Martin
Talbot, Abraham M.
Talbot, J. Franklin
Teets, Daniel
Teter, Jesse
Thompson, C. P.
Wagner, John A.
Ward, Anthony
Ward, William
Wilmoth, Riley
Winans, Gideon
Woodford, James M.
Woodford, William W.
Wright, George

Boone County
Absher, Simeon
Adkins, Anderson
Adkins, Blackburn B.
Adkins, Caleb
Adkins, David K.
Adkins, Elisha
Adkins, Gordon
Adkins, Harvey
Adkins, Sherwood
Barker, James A.
Barker, James H.
Bays, Hiram
Collins, John
Cooper, Francis
Crotty, John J.
Egnor, John W.
Egnor, Josiah
Elkins, Boyd W.
Elkins, Daniel
Elkins, John E.
Elkins, Morris F.
Elkins, Nathan
Hager, Lewis
Harless, John L.
Harless, William W.
Kinder, Samuel
Linville, Alamander
Linville, Andrew J.
Linville, Logan
Linville, Mandaville
Lovejoy, John
Lovejoy, Luke
Lovejoy, W. P. (Sr.)
McCale, Anthony
McComas, Doyle
McComas, H. G.
Meadows, George
Miller, Zeddock
Mitchell, A. J.
Mitchell, Sampson
Mitchell, Sylvester
Morris, Dickerison
Price, J. T. (Sr.)
Sansom, Edward
Scragg, Samuel
Smith, George W.
Spurlock, William
Stowers, William L.
Turley, M. P.
Walker, Craig
Workman, David

Braxton County
Carr, James P.
Carr, John C.
Carroll, Samuel
Frame, W. C.
Gerwig, Frederic
Hudkins, James P.

Brooke County
Buchanan, John W.
Craft, Charles A.
Croft, William A.
Deuley, William
Laurrum, W. F.
Lewis, John D.
Lockhart, J. B.
Pool, Rezin
Smith, Joseph
Way, William
Wells, R. T.

Cabell County
Arthur, John M.
Arthur, John V.
Arthur, William
Bexfield, Richard
Blake, Valentine

Calhoun County
Belcher, John T.
Brannon, Jno. S.
Stutler, Martin S.

Clay County
Arbogast, George W.
Belcher, William
Chapman, William C.
Holcomb, E. A.
Holcomb, Franklin
King, Charles W.
King, David P.
Lewis, Hiram
Moore, Jonathan L.
Moore, R. W.
Morris, William
Mullins, George W.
Mullins, Lewis L.
Murphy, James F.
Nicholas, William M.
Nichols, David A.
Reed, Solomon
Rogers, T. C.
Samples, Andrew M.
Sizemore, Jesse
Walker, Marion

Doddridge County
Bee, Ephraim W.*
Caldwell, James
Childers, Richard G.
Hughes, Charles G.
Richards, Columbus
Ross, Fuller
Ross, W. S.

Fayette County
Koontz, Samuel B.
Taylor, Henry

Gilmer County
Beall, David P.
Bell, W. W.
Brannan, H. B.
Brannan, William
Fitzpatrick, Pleasant
Greenlief, M. J.
Sprouse, Tipton
Wilson, Isaac G.
Wright, Ambrose E.

Grant County
Hinkle, Amos
Judy, Joel

Greenbrier County
Nicely, St. Clair
Williams, B. F.

Hancock County
Abrams, George A.
Abrams, M. B.
Allison, George
Allison, John W.
Allison, Samuel
Anderson, Thomas Franklin
Bailey, John S.
Bell, James G.
Beaumont, Godfrey L.
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, Thomas W.
Bradley, William H.
Branson, Richard E.
Brice, Ephraim
Brice, Robert
Brice, William
Brown, John L.
Brown, William
Brown, William F.
Brown, William J.
Campbell, John C.
Campbell, John H.
Campbell, Robert
Chapman, William
Cullen, Marion
Cullen, Samuel H.
Deemer, John F.
Donehoo, Daniel
Dowler, John M.
Eaton, Aaron
Edie, John H.
Edward(s), John
Evans, James D.
Freeman, William B.
Flanegin, A. McC.
Fox, Samuel
Gardner, Robert
Gardner, Thomas
Geer, B. A.
Geer, E. W.
Govey, Charles
Grimes, Calvin
Grimes, James N.
Gritton, John
Grizzle, William M.
Harper, Alexander
Harper, Andrew
Hart, Jason
Hewitt, R. B.
Hewitt, William
Householder, Peter
Householder, William H.
Huff, Samuel
Hutson [Hudson], David
Hutson [Hudson], John
Jackson, Andrew
Johnston, Ephraim
Jones, William A.
Lockard, William
Lodge, William H.
Mahan, William
McConnell, James
McConnell, John
McElfresh, Jesse
McElfresh, William
McLaughlin, Harry
McNeil, George
McNeil, Prince
McRae, John
McSwiggen, William R.
Mercer, A. J.
Miller, W. J.
Minor, Isaac Scott
Minor, John Beatty
O'Brien, Simpson
Patterson, David M.
Peterson, Joshua
Porter, John
Prosser, John A.
Pugh, A. C.
Pugh, George J.
Pugh, Peter A.
Ralston, Harper M.
Ralston, Jeremiah
Scott, James C.
Smith, B. J.
Snedaker, Charles H.
Snowden, Peter A.
Snowden, William Dawson
Stewart, George W.
Stewart, William H.
Stewart, W. W.
Sutherin, Hugh
Sutor, Robert
Teasdale, William
Thayer, J. W.
White, Samuel A.
Wilhelm, Joseph
Wilson, John
Wilson, Robert
Wycoff, David
Wylie, Daniel
Young, Intrepid M.

Harrison County
Flesher, Hiram
Robinson, Abner G.

Hardy County
Borror, Wesley
Hartman, Adam H.
Huffer, Daniel
Lewis, John
Propst, Morgan
Ratcliff, W. B.
Rexroad, George M.
Riggleman, Jeremiah
Shears [aka Steel], David C.
Shreve, Benjamin
Sites, Christian
Yoakum, George W.

Jackson County
Arnold, George S.
Boice, Ezekiel
Boon, A. H.
Boon, Nathan
Brannon, Lorenzo Dow
Bumgardner, Andrew J.
Burdette, Alexander
Burditt, John M.
Casto, Samuel D.
Casto, S. L.
Cheuvront, J. M.
Cheuvront, William M.
Click, Henry
Connor, William (Sr.
Cossin, Jacob
Derenburger, Elijah
Dewitt, James D.
Duff, Benjamin L.
Duff, Isaac N.
Good, A.
Good, Jacob
Good, Thomas
Greenleaf, Allen
Harper, Samuel A.
Harpold, Sandusky
Harrison, F. B.
Hess, Frank
Hughes, Judson
Jordan, William
Kiser, Joseph K.
Lanham, William R.
Lilton, John J.
McKinley, A.
Morehouse, Cassius
Painter, Henry
Palmer, A. J.
Parsons, J. K.
Parsons, John
Parsons, Nicholas
Porter, E. M.
Pringle, John G.
Ray, Francis M.
Ray, William T. (Jr.)
Seals, J. M.
Shields, Salathiel
Short, James C.
Skidmore, A. A.
Smith, Samuel J.
Staats, Anderson
Staats, J. G.
Staats, William
Stone, Frederick
Talbot, Samuel
Thornton, Charles
Tolley, S. P.
Wynes, James

Kanawha County
Adkins, Jas.*
Adkins, Richard L.
Anderson, George
Anderson, Henry
Angel, William H.
Armstrong, B. A.
Arnold, William A.
Aultz, Francis M.
Bailey, Andrew J.
Baldwin, David
Barter, Sylvester
Bays, John (Sr.)
Belcher, Alie
Belcher, B. H.
Belcher, Burgess
Belcher, James K.
Belcher, John
Belcher, Joseph*
Beller, Frank
Bender, George
Bentz, Henry
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, W. H.
Blake, Woodson
Boin, Wm. G.
Bradley, John A.
Brown, William
Bryan, John L.
Bryan, Thomas M.
Burdette, Archibald A.
Burford, R. K.
Campbell, James
Canterbury, Thompson
Carbine, Patrick
Carpenter, Adam
Carpenter, Granville
Carpenter, Thomas
Cart, R. C.
Cart, William
Carter, Henry L.
Casdorph, Delaney
Cavender, Charles
Cavender, Jackson
Cavender, Morrison
Champ, S. P.
Childers, Alderson
Childers, Daniel
Childers, William L.
Clark, Jesse
Cobbs, Lewis L.
Cobbs, W. R.
Cochran, Caleb
Coleman, David
Coffman, Levi J.
Conaway, William
Conley, George W.
Conley, Isaac
Craig, Joseph M.
Crane, George S.
Crowder, David
Crowder, W. M. D.
Curnes, A. B.
Dawson, J. W.
Dearin, John
Dent, Pleasant*
Dotson, Jacob L.
Dunlap, Morris
Dunlap, Nelson
Eagan, John
Edens, Alexander
Edens, David
Elswick, Michael
Ewing, Hudson D.
Figgatt, E. H.
Figgatt, J. M.
Figgott, W. S.
Fisher, D. W.
Fogarty, Martin
Fowler, L. E.
Fox, William
Fridley, John C.
Gatewood, Perry
Gay, Henry
Gebhart, Charles
Gibson, John
Gibson, William H.
Gillispie, Alexander
Gillispie, Joseph
Gillispie, Russell
Gillispie, W. H.
Grayum, J. F.
Haberer, Jacob
Hall, James T.
Harkins, Samuel J.
Hatten, Richard
Hawkins, Steel A.*
Hawkins, William H.
Haynes, Jno. W.
Haynes, With
Hill, George
Hill, Isaiah
Hoferer, Andreas
Holmes, Marshall B.
Holmes, Napoleon B.
Holstein, John C.
Holstein, Joseph B.
Hoover, Franklin
Hudnall, Shade
Hudnall, William P.
Hunter, Enoch
Hunter, Samuel E.
Hutson, Anderson
Hyde, James
Hynes, Lewellyn
Jarrett, Owen
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, William
Jones, B. F.
Jones, Leman
Jones, Lewis A.
Jones, Marion
Jones, Washington
Kelly, P. P.
Kidd, Jacob
Krantz, J. J.
Lanham, Richard
Lanham, William H.
Leftwich, Morris
Long, Wesley
Mairs, William
Mariani, Tobias
Marshall, Robert
Martin, Lewis A.
Martin, William B.
Mathews, Francis W.
McBride, Jacob
McCawn, Albert
McClure, Joseph R.
McCormick, Burnett
McCormack, John
McDermott, John A.
Miller, Absalom B.
Minsker, Solomon
Nunley, T. W.
Nutter, Thomas
Oxier, Peter
Parsons, john R.
Pauley, A. B.
Pauley, Sanford
Pauley, William
Peters, Milton
Pfeiffer, George
Pritt, Alexander
Pritt, John H.
Proctor, Elias
Proctor, Morgan
Proctor, Reuben
Proctor, Sylvester
Quick, George W.
Quick, John W.
Quick, Thomas F.
Raines, James D.
Reveal, William P.
Reynolds, Hiram*
Rimmer, George
Roberts, James R.
Robinson, John
Robinson, Samuel P.
Ross, J. W.
Ross, M. R.
Rucker, J. B.
Ruffner, Lewis
Rutledge, James
Saunders, D. Thomas
Shepherd, Benjamin K.
Shriverdecker, James
Skiles, John
Skiles, William
Slater, J. P.
Smith, Calvin
Smith, George H.
Smith, George W.
Smith, George W.
Smith, John S.
Smith, Jorden
Sneed, John A.
Snodgrass, Anderson
Snyder, J. H.
Spencer, Ahas
Spencer, John
Spriggle, John L.
Stalnaker, Asberry
Stalnaker, Wellington
Stanley, Reuben
Stewart, Morgan
Summers, J. L.
Thaxton, James H.
Thurston, Marcellus
Todd, Isaac N.
Toler, Caleb
Tolley, A. D.
Truman, William
Turley, George W.
Turley, Hezekiah
Turley, John H.
Tyler, William W.
Vickers, William
Vickers, William H.
Voirs, Henry
Walker, W. T.
Wehrle, Lewis
Whitlock, John P.
Whittington, James B.
Whittington, Jesse
Williams, Alex
Williams, George
Williams, Henry
Williams, John F.
Williams, Wiley
Wilson, David
Wilson, Fielding B.
Wines, William
Wintz, James P.
Withrow, Henry P.
Withrow, John H.
Withrow, John O.
Withrow, Robert
Young, George A.
Young, Henry
Young, Simeon
Young, William L.

Lewis County
Alfred, Charles J.
Chidester, Wellington V.
Ford, Daniel
Forinash, Elias P.
Francis, John R.
Francis, William P.
Frashner, A. R.
Frashner, David F.
Gibson, Granville
Goldsmith, George W.
Hale, A. C.
Hall, S. W.
Henline, Jonathan
Hitt, Hamlet
Kerns, Patrick
Law, H. E.
Lawrence, James
Linger, Granville R.
Linger, Jacob C.
Linger, Perry H.
Linger, Philip F.
Lovett, N. A.
Matthews, Charles T.
McCue, James S.
Peterson, Morgan M.
Pritchard, Sedwick
Reed, T. S.
Simons, Robert L.
Smith, Christopher
Smith, David W.
Smith, Edgar W.
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Luther
Smith, Mandaville
Smith, Marcellus
Smith, Marshall
Smith, Perry
Spaur, Jacob
Stalnaker, John W.
Wheeler, James H.
Whelan, Andrew F.
Whetsel, E. M.
White, William

Logan County
Browning, James
Browning, Stephen
Mitchell, Micajah (Jr.)
Riffe, Gordon
Riffe, Patterson
White, James M.

Marion County
Christy, Evan T.
Dean, William H.
Floyd, William S.
Freeman, William
Gaskins, A. J.
Hartley, James R.
Henry, Alexander
Lambert, William E.
Nixon, Calvin
Nixon, Jesse J.
Nixon, Jno. G.
Randall, Oakley - [for service in 14th WVI & 6th WVI]
Rice, Samuel
Russell, Leroy W.
Shafer, Hezekiah
Smitley, James B.
Sturm, Jacob

Marshall County
Allen, Wylie
Bowen, Job
Criswell, James
Crow, John W.
Crow, Peter
Dodd, William
Evans, G. W.
Griffith, Joseph
Harris, Francis
Harris, John M.
Harris, Uriah
Hubbs, George W.
Knox, William
Lutes, Cyrus
Lutes, Hiram
Lutes, Isaac
McFarland, Robert H.
Reynolds, Reson*
Rice, I. N.
Richter, G.
Riggs, Elias
Riggs, Hanson [Housan]
Riggs, Jesse L.
Rulong, John
Smalley, Jacob
Stewart, Irwin
Taylor, John Z.
Terrill, G. W.
Terrill, Lewis
Terrill, Thomas
Wells, David

Mason County
Barnett, Henry
Barnett, Preston
Casto, Joseph
Duncan, Moses
Hughes, Jesse
Hughes, John W.
Russell, Timothy
Shinn, Joshua K.
Smith, David
Smith, J. P. R. B.
Stewart, Elisha
Sturgeon, James
Sturgeon, William
Withers, James

Monongalia County
Baker, John H.
Baker, Thomas M.
Beals, L. C.
Blosser, John
Brookover, O. P.
Darnell, William
Darrah, Abraham
Dickison, William H.
Eddy, Nimrod
Fletcher, George M.
Foley, John W.
Glasscock, Charles
Glasscock, Daniel
Gould, G. S.
Hunter, Hananiah
Jenkins, George
Jennewin, Christian
Kester, Basel
Lemley, Asa
Lowell, John
Marshall, Joseph
Mason, Peter D.
Minor, Jacob
Moore, Adam
Moore, Daniel
Myers, Josephus [Jocephas] T.
Myres, Solomon
Nabors, I. J.
Neely, James W.
Park, W. A.
Ridgway, E. H.
Ridgway, Leroy
Ridgway, W. H.
Sadler, John Q.
Sample [Sampels], Allen
Shriver, Adam
Shriver, Jonathan
Sine, John C.
Snider, Omer
Statler, John W.
St. Clair, Silas M.
Stewart, Elgy
Strosnider, G. F.
Strosnider, Josephus
Strosnider, Thompson
Tennant, Emrod
Tennant, Ezra H.
Tennant, Marion
Tennant, Minor
Thomas, Rememberance S.
Thralls, Richard
Varner, William M.
Willard, Archibald
Williams, Thomas
Wilson, Azariah
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Fletcher B.
Wilson, Josephus
Woods, Wesley
Wright, John C.
Yeager, J. Lindsey
Youst, Henry
Youst, Jacob

Monroe County
Adkins, Henry
Adkins, John
Adkins, S. L.
Adkins, Wysor
Brace, H. H.
Bragg, David
Bragg, Rufus
Buckland, Joseph S.
Cales, W. H.
Canterbury, H. W.
Canterbury, J. G.
Garten, Ewell
Garten, L. E.
Gilmore [Gilber], Wm. T.
Grimmet [Grinnet], Clark
Grimmet [Grinnet], Geo. W.
Grimmet [Grinnet], Jackson
Grimmet [Grinnet], Rufus
Harvey, C. H.
Keister, B. F.
Meadows, Alexander
Meadows, Francis
Meadows, L. G.
Price, Enos
Richmond, Allen T. C.
Richmond, Daniel
Richmond, H. A.
Richmond, Thomas L.
Richmond, W. H.
Shell, Hiram
Snider, Fleming T.
Snider, W. M. P.
Wallace, John

Nicholas County
McLaughlin, H. J.

Ohio County
Aeswinger, Jacob
Asmus, Louis
Auburn, Rickey
Auth, Lorenz [Lawrence]
Bahra, August
Baker, Peter*
Barnhart, Ignatius
Bentfield, Ernest
Beuleke, Henry
Biggs, D. E.
Bishoff, Fred.
Blayney, John
Blazer, Henry
Bolte, Gotlep
Bounds, Joseph
Bowman, Jacob
Browtram [Bartram], Charles
Burke, James S.
Burke, Thomas*
Clark, John H.
Coulter, John B.
Craig, J. B.
Curtis, William B.
Dixon, James
Etz, Jacob
Farrell, James
Faulkenstein, Joseph H.
Felton, John
Gray, James
Handlan, William C.
Harris, Henry B.
Harris, John
Hartenstein, Herman
Hoffman, John G. (Sr.)
Hosenfeld, Fred
Huch, Joseph
Humphreys, Robert
Johnson, George W.*
Kelly, Samuel R.
Knop, Henry
Koch, August
Kompart, August
Lazure, George R.
Long, Adam
Long, David
Long, George J.
Maloney, James
Marlow, Elijah*
Marshall, Alex G.
Marsh, George
Marsh, John
McCown, Alex
McKinley, D. C.
Mitchell, James S.
Molter, Lewis
Myer, August
Orr, James
Pisco, Solomon
Rahr, Charles H.
Reister, Nicodemus (Sr.)
Ritter, Henry
Roemer, John
Rosenkranz, Charles
Rouse, Joseph W.
Schul, Balzer
Seabright, Fred
Sippel, John
Smith, James P.
Smith, Porter
Spearer, Henry
Steubenausch, Lewis
Tappe, Louis
Thurn, George
Vogler, Jacob*
Wharton, James G.
Wharton, Silas W.
James C. Wheat*
White, Jacob*
Zimmer, Charles*
Zimmer, Patrick*
Zimmer, Theobold*

Pendleton County
Alt, Asher
Alt, Daniel
Alt, Jacob
Alt, Martin
Ault, Michael
Ayers, Isaiah
Borror, Ezra
Borror, Nimrod
Borror, Simon
Borror, Wesley
Clayton, Samuel
Coffman, George L.
Cook, Nicholas L.
Davis, Jethro
Davis, Job
Dean, Hiram
Fitzwater, George W.
Flinn, John W.
Greenwalt, Jacob
Greenwalt, Noah
Harman, Henry
Harman, Noah
Hedrick, Henry C.
Hiser, Jonathan
Judy, Elijah
Judy, Noah
Judy, Zebulon
Kesner, D. A. - [describes military activities in Pendleton Co.]
Kesner, Jacob
Kesner, John H.
Kesner, Reuben
Kesner, Simeon
Kesner, Van B.
Kesner, William
Ketterman, Jesse
Kile, George W.
Kimble, Abraham
Kimble, Adam
Kimble, Alfred L.
Kimble, Arnold
Kimble, David R.
Kimble, Henry
Kimble, James
Kimble, John
Kimble, W. W.
Kiser, A. V.
Long, Reuben
Lough, George (Sr.)
Lough, Jeremiah
Lough, Josiah P.
Lough, Solomon H.
Mallow, Isaac
Mallow, Jacob
Mallow, John
Mallow, Moses
McDonald, Jacob W.
Miller, Jacob
Nazelrod, E. L.
Phares, William
Ratcliff, Solomon Y.
Riggleman, Hiram
Riggleman, John
Self, William H.
Shreve, Charles W.
Shreve, Daniel Y.
Simmons, John
Sites, John
Sites, William
Todd, John - [Scout & Guide]
Vance, Solomon M.*
Vanmeter, Daniel
Van Meter, John O.
Whetzell, Andrew J.
Yokum, John D.

Pleasants County
Dye, William H.
Elliott, David J.
Henderson, Inman H.
Hines, John
Hoskins, John
Malone, James
McCuen, Jerry M.
Pugh, George W.
Rood, Hiram
Sams, Isaac
Smith, Israel B.
Stewart, Thompson
Triplett, Alfred
Virden, Absalom
Weekly, Rufus
Williamson, C. W.
Williamson, David
Williamson, E. K.
Williamson, Joseph
Williamson, Mahlon
Williamson, Sidney
Wright, Reuben

Pocahontas County
Allen, Isaac W.
Hannah, William B.

Preston County
Fortney, John W.

Putnam County
Dewees, Christopher C.
Forth, William
Hawthorn, Pascal
Holley, James C.
Holley, John R.
Holley, William W.
Lewis, Frederic
McWhorter, Jacob F.
McWhorter, James
Reedy, James
Reedy, William H.
Rowsey, James C.

Raleigh County
Adkins, John J.
Adkins, Peter
Adkins, Riley
Adkins, Robert
Adkins, S. L.
Adkins, Stephen
Adkins, W. H.
Adkins, Wisor
Bragg, Rufus
Brown, James H.
Cales, Isaac
Cales, W. H.
Canterbury, James F.
Clay, John
Laverty, Marion
Laverty, Steele
Meadows, Abraham
Meadows, Jerry
Meadows, Samuel
Meadows, William T.
Richmond, John A.
Richmond, Samuel L.
Richmond, W. C.
Sams, Isaac C.
Turner, John B.

Ritchie County
Mitchell, Daniel - [Invalid Pension]
Pritchard, Jasper W.
Snodgrass, Benjamin F.
Snodgrass, Francis B. - [Invalid Pension]

Roane County
Anderson, Alexander
Brannan, John S.
Brown, Carr B.
Clarkson, Lewis O.
Cox, David S.
Dalton, Robert
Droddy, George W.
Harless, Harrison F.
Harper, Enoch M.
Harper, Hezekiah
Harper, Jordan
Hively, James
Hively, Mark
Hunt, Henry R.
Hunt, James A.
Hunt, Oliver R.
Looney, Henry M.
Moore, William H.
Nutter, Sylvester
Paxton, Lyle
Ray, William A.
Riddle, Eliga [Elijah] M.*
Rogers, Eli
Shafer, Jacob
Summers, James
Summers, J. L.
Summers, Martin
Taylor, W. P.

Tucker County
Davis, William
Helmick, Abraham

Tyler County
Denoon, James C.*
Ferrell, John*
Ferrell, Robert*
Haught, Elias
Johnson, D.
Mayfield, John W.

Upshur County
Allman, Nathan
Allman, William
Armstrong, Granville B.
Armstrong, John W.
Arnold, Luther M.
Arnold, S. P.
Bailey, S. H.
Bargerhuff, William
Bennett, Jacob
Bennett, William
Boyd, Calvin
Brake, Hyre
Burns, Samuel A.
Carter, Isaac
Casto, David A.
Casto, George W.
Casto, Paris
Crites, John H.
Cunningham, John A.
Curry, Robert A.
Cutright, Theodore
Davis, Samuel L.
Day, Solomon
Dean, G. W.
Dean, Jacob
Dean, Marshall
Dunnington, William
Eskew, Ellis
Farnsworth, Thomas G.*
Fitzgerald, B. D.
Fornash, Asa
Foster, George W.
Friel, James F.
Gawthrop, Thomas
Gould, Daniel
Griffith, Gideon
Griffith, Jacob
Griffith, James
Gum, A. G.
Gum, A. W.
Hargerhuff, Jonas
Harper, Elijah
Harvey, Benjamin
Hefner, Henry J.
Hinkle, Sanson
Jack, Anson R.
Jenney, David H.*
Johns, Douglas
Karickhoff, Samuel W.
Kesling, Allen J.
Kesling, G. M.
Kesling, Isaac N.
Kesling, James
Kesling, Miner
Kesling, Samuel G.*
Kiddy, Arthur*
Lewis, Marshall
Love, William R.
Marteney, Stalnaker
McAvoy, Robert P.
Miller, William
Moore, Bryant T.
Neff, Henry
Norvell, Thomas A.
Oldaker, David
Ours, Jacob
Pifer, Anthony
Post, Granville
Queen, Stewart L.
Radabaugh, Adam
Reger, John S.
Reger, Martin
Reynolds, J. J.
Robinson, John C.
Russell, Patrick H.
Shoemaker, George M.
Simmons, Emanuel
Simmons [Simons], Jacob D.
Simous [Simons], Clawson E.
Smallridge, Samuel
Smith, Philip
Strader, Solomon
Swick, Jackson
Teets, David D.
Thrash, Richard
Vincent, John J.
Wagner, Jacob
Warner, Jackson
Weaver, Jacob
Wentz, David M.
White, Roswell
Wilfong, Henry
Winemiller, Noah
Young, Alamander
Young, Asa B.

Wayne County
Adkins, Burwell
Adkins, George W.
Adkins, Harman
Adkins, Saunders
Aker, James
Aldridge, James
Alexander, John
Alexander, Louis
Bailey, John S.
Bailey, Lemuel
Ball, Silas
Banister, Anderson
Barnett, Hiram
Bartram, David
Bartram, James
Bartram, John
Bartram, Samuel
Birt, Charles
Bowen, Alfred
Bowen, Asa
Bowen, Franklin
Bowen, J. R.
Bowman, Irvine
Bramley [Brawley], John B.
Branham, Henderson
Branham, James W.
Branham, Oliver
Brewer, Aaron
Broughton, Jesse
Caldwell, John H.
Canterberry, John Henry
Carter, Percival S.
Cassady, Alexander
Chaffin, Christopher
Chaffin, Stanley
Chafin, James
Chafin, Thomas
Chapman, William S.
Copley, Anthony
Copley, B. F.
Copley, Harrison
Copley, henry
Copley, Ira G.
Copley, Jackson
Copley, James (Sr.)
Copley, James S.
Copley, John W.
Copley, Sylvester
Copley, William S.
Crum, Adam
Crum, Adam W.
Crum, Andrew
Crum, Jessy
Crum, Thomas
Crum, William C.
Crum, William J.
Damron, Lazarus G.
Damron, Thomas
Damron, William
Davis, Amos
Dobbins, G. W.
Endicott, Benjamin
Endicott, Gabriel
Endicott, John
Endicott, Josiah
Endicott, Samuel
Endicott, William
Evans, Benjamin
Fitzpatrick, Burgus
Fluty, Francis
Fluty, John
Frasher, Cushing
Frasher, David
Frasher, James
Frasher, Samuel
Frasher, William
Gauze, Alexander
Gilkerson, John D.
Gilkerson, Thomas J.
Gilkison, Henry G.
Graham, William
Hammond, James H.
Hammonds, William S.
Harman, Daniel
Harman, Henry
Hatten, Philip
Hatton, Lorenzo D.
Haws, James H.
Hazelett, Hiram
Holt, B. P.
Holt, John W.
Holt, Nathan
Holt, William A.
Horn(e), James
Horton, Joel
Howard, Elijah
Howard, Elisha
Hucheson, Greenville
Hucheson, John
Hutchinson, William
Jackson, John
Jarrel, Samuel
Jarrell, George W.
Jarrell, Harrison
Jarrell, Jesse
Kirk, James D.
Kirk, James T.
Kirk, John
Kirk, Sampson
Kirk, Thomas
Kirk, Thompson
Kirk, William R.
Lykins, Jackson
Marcum, D.
Marcum, Jacob
Marcum, Sylvester
Martin, F. F.
Maynard, Absalom
Maynard, Alvis
Maynard, Charles
Maynard, Eligah
Maynard, Francis
Maynard, George W.
Maynard, Jesse
Maynard, John
Maynard, John F.
Maynard, John J.
Maynard, Larkin
Maynard, Louis
Maynard, Martin
Maynard, Sampson
Maynard, Simeon
Maynard, Thomas
McClure, Harrison
McClure, Stephen
McClure, Strowther
Meadows, Lewis
Messer, Morgan
Mills, Jesse
Mills, Thomas
Mills, W. C.
Moore, James
Moore, William H.
Muncey, James
Muncy, Harrison
Muncy, Isom
Muncy, James
Muncy, Owen
Muncy, Samuel Wesley
Muncy, Thomas
Muncy, William
Murry [Murray], George W.
Music, James
Neal, Wesley
Nelson, William
Newman, Preston
Pack, Harrison
Pack, James A.
Pack, John
Pack, Pharoah
Pack, Samuel
Pack, Samuel
Pasley, James H.
Pasley, John W.
Pasley, Moses
Pauley, William
Perry, Sylvester
Porter, Benjamin
Porter, John
Porter, Levi
Porter, William
Preston, George W.
Preston, James M.
Preston, S. P. A.
Prince, James W.
Ramey, Isaac
Ratcliff, William D.
Roman, Alexander
Roman, Asa
Rowan, Jeremiah
Salmon [Sammon], Thomas
Salmons, Jeremiah
Salmons, Oliver
Salmons, Roland
Sammonds, Flowry
Sammonds, James
Sammonds, Joel
Sammonds, Randolph
Sammonds, William C.
Shannon, Joseph
Simon, Jacob H.
Spaulding, Jackson
Spaulding, John K.
Spaulding, Thomas J.
Spaulding, William
Spaulding, W. P.
Spence, Carson
Star, Mat
Stepp, Moses
Stepp, Thomas
Straton, Solomon
Sullivan, Robert
Sullivan, William
Sword, William J.
Thompson, Lewis
Thompson, Patton
Underwood, R. J.
Walker, Holbert
Walker, William
Waller, James
Webb, John
Webb, Samuel J.
Webb, William
Weddington, Wm.
Wellman, Louis
Wheeler, Thomas C.
Whitt, Charles
Wiley, George W.
Wiley, Moses
Williamson, Asa
Williamson, James M.
Williamson, Jasper
Williamson, Joseph
Williamson, Richard
Willson, Parrot
York, A. E.
Youst, George W.

Wetzel County
Kerby, P. F.

Wirt County
Lockhart, A. J.
Lockhart, F. T.

Wood County
Allen, John
Buckley, W. M.
Dils, B. B.
Fankhauser, Christian
Fankhauser, Fred
Farnsworth, Daniel B.
Farnsworth, E. S.
Fleak, John
Fries, John
Howell, Thomas
Mann, Joel
McNulty, James W.
Meldash, Emil
Muncey, James A.
Satow, Christian W.
Schmidt, Henry
Schrader, John
Schultz, Albert
Smith, Caleb

Wyoming County
Akers, Luke
Brown, Mathias H.
Cook, James Hartley
Daniels, Rufus O.
Lambert, Joseph
Lusk, Powell
McKinney, [William] Anderson
Meadows, John L.
Milam, Addison D. (Jr.)
Mitchell, James A.
Saulesbury, George W.
Saulesbury, Lafayette

Miscellaneous Papers
West Virginia State Service Commission Report - 1902 - [Original Typed Format]
Harkrader, John P. - Wythe Co., Virginia - 45th Virginia Infantry - C.S.A. Application
Barbour Co. - Capt. W. S. McDaniels' Co. - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Co. H - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Capt. Granville Parks' Co. - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Capt. Michael Simon's Co. - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Co. B - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Capt. William A. Cook's Co. - 169th Militia - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Capt. William Price's Co. - Muster Roll
Barbour Co. - Militia - Letter of J. S. Humphreys
Kanawha Co. - 80th Militia - List of 3 Captured Men
Upshur Co. - 133rd Militia - Captured Men - Died In Prison
Wood Co. - "Willey Guards"
Two Folders of Miscellaneous Envelopes & Material With No Corresponding Evidence

Additional Sources for the West Virginia State Service Commission:
AR 612, Minutes of the West Virginia State Service Commission, 1901-1903, 1 Volume
AR 721, Register of the West Virginia State Service Commission, 1901-1902, 1 Volume
AR 1717, Box 15, Funds Paid to Militia by the Legislative Act of 1897 to the following companies:

  • Capt. Cumberland Harless's Company (Boone)
  • Capt. Cumberland Adkins's Company (Boone)
  • Capt. N. Alltop's Company (Marion)
  • Capt. William H. Jones's Company (Pleasants)
  • Capt. Samuel A. Rollyson's Company (Braxton)
  • Capt. Thomas Godfrey's Company (Wyoming)
  • Capt. John F. Boggs's Company (paid for subsistence prior to incorporation into 11th West Virginia Infantry)

    Adjutant Generals' Papers

    West Virginia Archives and History