West Virginia State Archives

Accessions 1992

Government Records Accessioned

Blueprints. Marshall University: Old Main landscape project, Central Fields landscape project; 1989- 90. 18 sheets. R. J. Ankrom Associates, Vienna. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Downtown campus improvement projects, phase I, 1990. 32 sheets. R. J. Ankrom Associates, Vienna. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. West Virginia University: Evansdale Engineering Triangle landscape plans, 1990. 13 sheets. R. J. Ankrom Associates, Vienna. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. Concord College: Administration building and science wing renovations and additions, 1988. 2 volumes and 143 sheets. Kreps and Kreps, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. Fairmont State College: Jaynes Hall renovation, 1990. 1 volume and 32 sheets. BSA Design, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. Marshall University: Science building renovation, 1989-92. 4 volumes and 90 sheets. Abramovitz-Kingsland-Schiff, New York, NY. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Liberty State College: Shaw Hall exterior renovation, 1990-92. 1 volume and 6 sheets. Richard Miller Associates, Pittsburgh, PA. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia Institute of Technology: College of Business and Economics Building renovation, 1989-91. 3 volumes and 29 sheets. Clint Bryan and Associates, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia National Guard: Army Aviation Support Facility, Wood County Airport, Parkersburg, 1990-91. 2 volumes and 50 sheets. Silling Associates, Inc., Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine: new laboratory building, 1989-90. 2 volumes and 50 sheets. Kreps and Kreps, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Board of Education. Minutes, 1969 July - 1979 December. 5 boxes. Board of Education. Ar1880

Bond Issues. Various records for road, bridge and veterans' bonus bonds, 1934-63. 4 boxes. State Board of Investments. Ar1881

Finance and Administration. Capitol Complex parking pass, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Barbara Cole, Charleston. Ar1882

Health. West Virginia Planning Commission on Nursing, 1972-73. 6 boxes. Department of Health.Ar1885

Mental Health. Director's alphabetical files, 1971-75; assorted files of Dr. Mildred Bateman, 1959-70. 20 boxes. Department of Mental Health.Ar1886

Mines. Inspection reports, 1974-78; fatal accident reports, 1974-83; directors' correspondence, 1977-81. 71 boxes. Department of Mines.Ar1884

Rehabilitation Services. Director's correspondence, 1985-86. 4 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1873acc

Vocational Rehabilitation. General correspondence, 1974-75. 2 boxes. Vocational Rehabilitation.Ar1887

Water Resources Board. Minutes of board and predecessor organizations, 1929-64. 3 volumes and 2 boxes. Water Resources Board. Ar1883

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Unid, probably New River area coal company store, ca. 1907. 1 volume. Lexington Fayette Urban County Government, Lexington, KY. Ms92-98

Anderson, Lane S., American Legion. Transcript of interviews regarding fate of Anderson, Charleston High graduate lost in WWI; history of John Brawley Post 20, American Legion; 1919, 1956. 2 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ms92-46

Beattie, Rebecca Collection. Letters, notes and clippings regarding Putney, Ruffner, Stanley and related families, ca. 1829-1960s. 1 box. Rebecca Beattie, Charleston. Ms92-12

Black, Vernon Dahmer Collection. Contents of footlocker of WWII pilot killed during war, 1918, 1944-49. 1 box. Sylvia Jeffries, Kingwood. Ms92-11

Cantrell, Thelma M. Collection. Family history materials including Taylor, Humphreys, Hunt, Smarr, Sears and Sampson families, n.d. 9 volumes. Adelee Montoney, Grove City, OH. Ms92-29

Civil War Collection. Union oath of Francis Davis, Kanawha County, 1862 August 13. 1 item. Reuben Carp, Charleston. Ms79-18.2:14

Dahmer, Howard Lowell. Death record and airman's handbook for Air Force corporal; WWI paybook of brother Arthur; 1918, 1952. 3 items. Maryan D. Dahmer, Upper Tract. Ms92-13

Diary. Personal log of U. S. Navy 3rd Class George A. Wehrle, USS Tuscaloosa (photocopy), 1944 June 5 - August 13. 1 item. George A. Wehrle, Charleston. Ms92-27

Diplomas. Virginia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind awarded to Emily and Agnes Franklin of Kanawha County, 1845 June 27. 2 items. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Ms92- 109

Eastern Regional Coal Archives Collection. Listing for Tom Felts papers, 1990. 1 folder. Eastern Regional Coal Archives, Bluefield. Ms87-38acc

Fayette County wall site (Indian site). Notes and correspondence about site (photocopies), ca. 1953- 83. 1 folder. Joe Jefferds, Charleston. Ms92-31

Ferris, Thomas Collection. Assorted military publications, brochure about Wheeling Corrugating Company going to war, ca. 1943-71. 13 items. Thomas Ferris, Moundsville. Ms92-40

Fox family. Josiah Fox lineage (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. Roberta Mitchell, Colerain, OH. Ms92- 102

Honaker-Guthrie Family. Genealogical notes, n.d. 1 volume. Keith J. Honaker, Knoxville, TN. Ms92- 28

Jackson, Caroline Downey Collection. Marriage announcement, letters, commencement program for Parkersburg High, most dealing with Bessie Curry Jackson, wife of William Wirt Jackson; resolution upon death of General John J. Jackson; 1877-1919. 1 folder. Caroline Downey Jackson estate, Parkersburg.Ms92-97

Kanawha County documents, most relating to Thomas Griffith, including naturalization papers, mine certicates, land records, 1886-1925. 1 folder. Elizabeth H. Czompo, Huntington. Ms92-10

Literary manuscript. "Arthurdale, WV: Footnote to New Deal History" by Franklin and Betty J. Parker, 1991. 1 item. Dr. Franklin Parker, Cullowhee, NC. Ms92-15

Literary manuscript. "Nitro - A World War I Powder Town" by A. Parker Terhune, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Elizabeth Lyon, Davidson, NC. Ms92-8

Literary manuscript. Recollections of first WVU travel tour for credit and Dr. Charles Ambler's participation in it by Daisy Chapman Dorsey, n.d. 1 item. Berlin B. Chapman, Orlando, FL. Ms92-16

Meador Collection. Bank books and documents for G. W. & I. D. Imboden, William Tyree and A. J. Taylor from Ansted - Hawks Nest - Charleston, 1871-1922. 9 items. Edwin S. Meador, Oxford, OH. Ms90-114acc

Minute Book. Libbey-Owens-Ford Glasscutters Union (photocopy), 1926 December 15 - 1938 December 20. 1 volume. Russell Young, Charleston. Ms92-107

Morton, Quin III Collection. Correspondence and documents regarding Morton family coal operations including Ames Coal and Mining Company, Buchanan County Coal Company, Wood Coal Company, Winifrede Colleries; ca. 1941-86. 1 box. Quin Morton III, Charleston. Ms92-30

Paul, Bonna Kelly Collection. Correspondence and certificates of Creigh, Kelly and Fleshman families; assorted WWII letters, ration books, train tickets and newspaper front pages; child's book; 1863- 1945. 4 folders. William R. Paul, Charleston. Oversized. Ms91-67acc

Receipt. Brooke County taxes for widow of John Swearingan, 1836. 1 item. Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County, Quincy, IL. Ms92-106

Romney, Civil War. Information regarding Civil War sites in and near Romney, many on state-owned land, n.d. 1 folder. Ralph Haines, Romney. Ms92-108

School materials, miscellaneous. Grade cards and other materials from Weston schools, ca. 1915-18; Spanish-American War reunion in Weston; store receipts for Parsons-Souders, Clarksburg; ca. 1910- 25. 21 items. Margaret Wells Foster, Weston. Ms92-41

See, Margielea Stonestreet Collection. Assorted writings and materials of poet born in Grant County who attended WV School for the Blind and New River College (now WV Tech), ca. 1920-80s. 3 boxes. Estate of Margielea Stonestreet See by Charles W. Judge, Cumberland, MD. Ms92-19

Stuckey, Hamilton Collection. Documents regarding Hampshire County resident, 1867-1912. 1 envelope. Washington County Historical Society, Hagerstown, MD. Ms92-17

Templeton, Lieutenant Charles F. Commission and holiday menu for WWI soldier, originally in the West Virginia National Guard and later 3rd Battalion, 26th Infantry, ca. 1917-19. 2 items. Estate of Marjorie K. Templeton, Huntington. Ms92-42

USS Kanawha Collection. Materials regarding ship's reunion in Charleston, 1991-92. 1 folder. Maynard L. Hamilton, Falls Church, VA. Ms92-32

USS Kanawha Collection. Two poems written by survivor of ship's WWII sinking and letter placing poems in Naval Historical Center collections (photocopies), ca. 1943-85. 1 folder. William Wesley McGill, Lenoir City, TN. Ms92-32

Virginia Historical Society. Finding aids to manuscript collections of T. T. Perry, Faulkner family, John Quincy Adams Nadenbousch, Wilson family, n.d. 4 items. Virginia Historical Society, Richmond. Ms92-14

Microforms Accessioned

Adu-Nyako, Kofi. "Apple Harvesting and Non-Immigrant Alien Workers in West Virginia: An Economic Analysis," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-92

Baas, Jacob Charles. "John Jay Jackson, Jr.: His Early Life and Public Career, 1824-1870," 1975. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-86

Baker, Mary Dunn. "Property Values and Potentially Hazardous Production Facilities: A Case Study of the Kanawha Valley, West Virginia," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-62

Bellefeuille, Barbara Kae. "The History of the Bluefield Bible Program, 1939-1989," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-79

Burkel, Nicholas Clare. "Progressive Governors in the Border States: Reform Governors of Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Maryland, 1900-1918," 1971. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-87

Carrico, David Linn. "A Study of a Local Congregation's Attitudes Toward the Public Housing Population with Implications for Mission Development in Clarksburg, West Virginia," 1983. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-69

Cather, Willa Louise. "Portrait of Dr. Louise McNeill Pease, West Virginia Educator," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-51

Charlton, Philip M. "Preliminary Analysis of the Yield and Management of Low Productivity Oak Sites for Fuelwood Biomass Production," 1983. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-70

Coffey, William Ellis. "Rush Dew Holt, the Boy Senator, 1905-1942," 1970. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-88

Deever, Bryan. "Parkersburg High School: A Study in Hegemony," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-80

Duffy, Charles Dewayne. "Comparison of the Relationship of the Number of Years of Selected Educational Expenditures to Student Achievement for West Virginia School Districts," 1982. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-73

Dusseau, Ralph Alan. "Unequal Seismic Support Motions of Steel Deck Arch Bridges. (Volumes I and II) (Earthquake, Dynamic, Warping, West Virginia, California)," 1985. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-68

Fishback, Price VanMeter. "Employment Conditions of Blacks in the Coal Industry, 1900-1930," 1983. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-89

Flanigan, Jackson Lee. "The West Virginia Pauley v. Bailey Decision: An Historical Perspective," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-63

Galya, Thomas Andrew. "Coal Petrology of Some Selected Pocahontas No. 3 and No. 6 Coal Seams of the Pocahontas Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian) of Mercer, McDowell, and Wyoming Counties, West Virginia," 1983. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-71

Gatrell, Albert Steven. "Herman Guy Kump: A Political Profile," 1980. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-90

Goodrich, James Alan. "Predicting Toxic Waste Concentrations in Community Drinking Water Supplies From Upstream Industrial Discharges: A Vulnerability Analysis," 1983. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-72

Grant, Geraldine Palo. "Female Employment Disparities in West Virginia Education Administration: Why They Exist," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-52

Hall, Christine Manine. "Using Impact Indices and Baseline Vegetation Data to Assess the Condition of an Eastern Wilderness: A Case Study of the Dolly Sods Wilderness, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-81

Ismail, Abd. Malik Bin. "The Impacts of Farm Policies on West Virginia Agriculture," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-53

Levy, Roy B. "A Structural and Empirical Analysis of Process Apple Markets in the Appalachian Region," 1987. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-58

Lilly, Anita I. "A Comparative Analysis of 1971, 1979 and 1989 Studies on Higher Education in West Virginia," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-82

Livesay, Norman Dwight. "An Analysis of the Laws Affecting the Employment Rights of Public School Employees in the State of West Virginia," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-54

Marple, Jorea M. "The Reconstruction and Analysis of the Kanawha County Personnel Policy Controversy, 1984-85," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-64

Materu, Mathias Bernard. "Economic Interrelatedness of the Agricultural Sectors in West Virginia: An Input-Output Analysis," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-65

McPherson, Michael Wayne. "Study of the Attitudes of Educational Leaders in West Virginia Toward Collective Bargaining and Selected Demographic Variables," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-66

Meighen, Mary Gwinn. "The Historical Development of Associate Degree Nursing Education in West Virginia," 1990. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-77

Monroe, Elizabeth Brand. "Spanning the Commerce Clause: The Wheeling Bridge Case, 1849-1856," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-83

Morton, Giovanna Lucia Bisato. "Historical Study - West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses (1950-1987); Impact on Standards of Nursing Education in West Virginia," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-50

Mounkurai, Thaddeaus Reuben. "Technology and Community: Micro-Industrial Development in West Virginia," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-55

Poole, H. Randall. "From Black to White: The Transition of Bluefield State College From an Historically Black College to a Predominantly White Institution," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-84

Rodeheaver, Dean. "Eastland's Elders: Aging and Status Maintenance in a West Virginia Church Community," 1982. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-74

Roell, Michael John. "The Roles of Predation, Competition, and Exploitation in the Community Dynamics of the New River in West Virginia," 1989. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-85

Shahrokh, Fereidoon. "A Commodity-Regional Model of the West Virginia Economy," 1982. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-75

Simmons, Robert Harold. "Wheeling and the Hinterland: An Egalitarian Society?" 1990. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-78

Simpson, Steven Vincent. "An Analysis of National Park Legislative Histories and Legal Foundations: Recreational Management Directives for the New River National River," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92- 56

Sites, Jeanette Abdoney. "The Development of the Public School Support Plan in West Virginia," 1987. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-59

Smith, Charles Roy. "An Evaluation of the West Virginia State Department of Education's Instrument to Evaluate School Facilities," 1987. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-60

Soltanmohammadi-Sarab, Masood. "Coal Transportation: A Comparative Spatial Analysis Between Unit Train and Slurry Pipeline," 1986. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-67

Stewart, Kathleen Claire. "Narrative Appalachia (West Virginia Ethnopoetics)," 1987. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-61

Van Ness, Silke. "Pennsylvania German in West Virginia: Language Variation and Language Attrition," 1988. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-57

Wade, Howard P. "Black Gold and Black Folk: A Case Study of McDowell County, West Virginia's Black Migrants, 1890-1940," 1990. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-76

Woodward, Isaiah Alfonso. "Arthur Ingram Boreman: A Biography," 1970. 1 roll. Purchase. Mi92-91

Photographs Accessioned

Baseball. Copy prints of Watt Powell stadium scenes, Charleston Senators, ca. 1949. 6 items. Mrs. Dave Cleland via Justice William Brotherton, Charleston. Ph92-6

Bridges, covered. Artist's proof sketch of Philippi Covered Bridge signed by Terry Lively, 32 of 50, 1991. 1 item. Terry Lively, Charleston. Oversized. Ph92-33

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Panoramic and B&W of Company 2587, Camp F-8, Sugar Grove, WV, 1930s. 7 items. Homer J. Tennant, Solvang, CA. Ph85-17acc

Etchings. James Swann views done for Frankenberger's, including Worlds Fair Pavilion, WVU Coliseum, Cass Scenic Railroad, Sunrise Museum, 1964-65, 1968, 1970. 4 items. Dave Goshorn Bowen, New Orleans, LA. Ph92-7

Fox family. Copy prints of album including Fox, Dungan, Chapline, Lash and related families, n.d. 38 items. Roberta Mitchell, Colerain, OH. Ph92-102

Greenbrier College. Views of various buildings, ca. 1927. 10 items. Mrs. E. C. Steinle, South Charleston. Ph92-4

Historic Houses, Shrewsbury-Dickinson House, Quincy. Copy negatives and contact prints of house before destruction, 1990. 30 items. Historic Preservation Unit. Ph92-34

Hospital. B&W of Thomas Hospital, ca. 1890-1900. 1 item. William Lutman, Charleston. Ph92-101

Jackson, Caroline Downey. B&W of Jackson children posing with Governor Jackson's portrait; B&W of wedding? of William Wirt Jackson and Bessie May Curry; 1905, 1950s. 3 items. Caroline Downey Jackson estate, Parkersburg.Ph92-97

Johnson, Lieutenant George D. B&W of WWII aviator killed in action, ca. 1941-44. 10 items. Mrs. M. W. Tuck, Charleston. Ph92-43

Knights of Pythias. Copy negative of panoramic of state convention at Rainelle, 1933 August 28. 1 item. Russell K. Leffler, Rainelle.Ph80-324acc

Marmet, Parkersburg, Gary. B&W of Marmet locks in 1936, Parkersburg in 1871, Gary Clubhouse in the 1920s-30s. 3 items. Billie Redding Lewis, Lake Wales, FL. Ph92-9

Mont Chateau. Album of construction photographs, 1933. 1 volume. Parks and Recreation. Ph92-1

Morton, Quin III Collection. Photo album of Carbon Fuel Company community at Cabin Creek; series of color prints produced by National Coal Association for U. S. Bicentennial; 1930s, 1976. 2 items. Quin Morton III, Charleston. Ph92-30

Parsons. Cyanotype views of Parsons area, ca. 1900. 3 items. Richard Kremer, Foxboro, MA. Ph92- 44

Portrait, Boggs, Ella. B&W of Boggs and other musicians sponsored by Herbert Music at International Music Festival, 1953 July 19-24. 1 item. Boxley B. Boggs, Garland, TX. Ph92-5

Portrait, Conley, Governor William G., B&W by E. Madge, 1931. 1 item. Vincent Legg, Jr., Charleston. Ph89-57acc

Portrait, Pachosa, Stanley. Color tinted of Polish immigrant to Davis area, ca. 1906. 1 item. Stella Zalatoris, Davis. Ph92-45

Portrait, Skinner, Major Benjamin Manning. Copy print of commander of 9th WV Infantry by Feiger and Son of Ohio, ca. 1865. 1 item. Captain Thomas B. B. Price, Falling Waters. Ph92-37

Portrait, Templeton, Lieutenant Charles F. West Virginia National Guard member in uniform, ca. 1917. 1 item. Estate of Marjorie K. Templeton, Huntington. Ph92-42

Postcards. Copy negatives of Kanawha & Michigan station at Charleston, Elk River suspension bridge at Charleston, ca. 1905, 1920. 2 items. Greg Clark, St. Albans. Ph92-20

Postcards. Scenes along B&O Railroad in Cheat River Valley, Western Maryland Railroad near Hendricks, ca. 1910-25. 2 items. Wyoming Historical and Genealogical Society, Wilkes Barre, PA. Ph92-2

Postcards. Scenes at Tallmansville, 1929-75 vintage copyrighted in 1990. 4 items. Noel W. Tenney, Tallmansville. Ph92-3

Postcards, West Virginia scenes, ca. 1930-1990. 149 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1930s-92. 79 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1940-92. 47 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards, State Board of Education. Postcards of Oak Hill and Hinton; B&W of 1914 Board of Education members; 1914-25. 3 items. William R. Paul, Charleston. Oversized. Ph91-67acc

Reddehase family. Postcard portrait of Charles Augustus Henry Reddehase, ca. 1880s. 1 item. Glen E. Mealy, Thomas B. Mealy & Rosemary Mealy Enoch, Port Orange, FL.Ph91-33acc Romney. Color and a few half-tones of Civil War trenches and sites in and near Romney, 1992. 25 items. Ralph Haines, Romney. Ph92-108

Ruth, Olin R. Sr. Collection. 3 panoramics of 2nd WV at Camp Wilson, San Antonio, TX during Mexican border dispute; 2 B&W portraits of Olin R. Ruth, Sr. in WWI uniform; 8 B&W of Sgt. Ruth of WV State Police confiscating stills; 1 B&W of Ruth & mine guards at #8 or #9 Farmington, ca. 1916-30. 14 items. Mary Margaret Mancuso and Olin R. Ruth, Jr., Hampton, VA. Oversized. Ph92- 94

Slides. Various West Virginia scenes, n.d. 16 items. Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA. Ph92-38

South Charleston. Copy negatives and prints of South Charleston, ca. 1915-40. 25 items. M. F. Barker, South Charleston. Ph92-48

South Charleston. Copy negatives of South Charleston and Belgian glassworkers, ca. 1900-50. 39 items. Martha Ciabattaxi, Chicago, IL. Ph92-48

South Charleston. Copy negatives of South Charleston, including 2 panoramics, 1915-49. 9 items. South Charleston Museum, South Charleston. Ph92-48

South Charleston. Copy negatives of South Charleston, including 9 panoramics, 1908-20. 10 items. Evans Lumber, South Charleston. Ph92-48

Trains. B&W of two steam engines near Thurmond and enlargement of same taken by Jack Eldridge, 1991 August. 2 items. Jack G. Eldridge, Charleston. Oversized. Ph92-36

Wells family. Assorted family members, ca. 1907-20. 8 items. Margaret Wells Foster, Weston. Ph92- 41

West Virginia history. Limited edition print by Juanita H. Akers, signed and numbered 74/1000 depicting various events in state history, 1992. 1 item. Fayette County Historical Society, Oak Hill. Oversized. Ph92-103

Weston State Hospital. Copy negative of panoramic of staff and patients on grounds, n.d. 1 item. Weston State Hospital, Weston. Ph92-49

World War I. B&W of Company L, 1st WV Infantry mobilizing in Morgantown, overseas, including tanks, 1917. 7 items. Clara Jane Seckman, East Liverpool, OH. Oversized. Ph92-95

World War I. Panoramic of 53rd Infantry Regiment, 6th Division, at Camp Pontanazen, Brest, France - Cecil Roy Rogers of Fayette County in medical department, 1919 June. 1 item. Phyllis Gillespie, Victor. Oversized. Ph92-35

Special Collections Accessioned

Bible, Wilcox, Luke. Kanawha County family, 1827. 1 volume. Robert H. Schutz, Morgantown. Sc92- 93

Broadside. Midwest Book Company, Williamstown, advertising McGuffey reprints for sale, n.d. 1 item. Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA. Sc92-26

Broadside. Prohibition amendment speech, n.d. 1 item. Frances Bowers Price, South Charleston. Sc92-99

Calendar. Coal Miners Calendar by Goodyear, 1992. 1 item. Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Marysville, OH. Oversized. Sc91-12acc

Calendar. Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of West Virginia, 1992. 1 item. Milton Furner, Wolf Summit. Sc92-100

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1991. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Calendars. Mercer County scenes, 1992-93. 4 items. Mercer County Historical Society, Princeton. Sc92-96

Calendars. Summers County historical scenes, 1991-92. 4 items. Steve Trail, Hinton. Sc89-54acc

Certificate. Election of Clarence Meadows as Attorney General, 1941 January 8. 1 item. Attorney General's Office. Oversized. Sc92-104

Certificate, label. Concerned citizenship certificate issued by A. James Manchin; bakery label from Mootz's Bakery of St. Albans; n.d. 1982. 2 items. Gwen Sizemore, Nitro. Sc92-18

Clipping. Funeral notice for Lieutenant George D. Johnson, 1949 July 26. 1 item. Mrs. M. W. Tuck, Charleston. Sc92-43

Forms. Book of store requisition forms from Campbells Creek Coal Company stores, n.d. 1 volume. Transfer from Historic Preservation Unit. Sc92-22

Forms, clipping. Coyle and Richardson Department Store employee discount card, logo, charge account notice; clipping about George Coyle and his Air National Guard service during Korean War; 1944-91. 4 items. Mary Rayer, Charleston. Sc92-25

Name tags, programs. International Music Festival materials of Ella Boggs, sponsored by Herbert Music, 1953-55. 4 items. Sc92-5

Posters. Two of West Virginia University (basketball and PRT); one of mine safety by Miners Art Group; 1970s. 3 items. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Oversized. Sc92-39

Programs. Charleston Marlins and Charlies baseball programs, list of minor league players from Charleston who played in major league (photocopies), 1961, 1983. 3 items. Mrs. Dave Cleland via Justice William Brotherton, Charleston. Sc92-6

Program, brochure. Central West Virginia Genealogical and Historical Library and Museum dedication program (photocopy), brochure, 1992 August 8. 3 items. Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants, Weston. Sc92-105

Programs, printed materials regarding Governor William Conley's attendance at Governors' Conferences at Salt Lake City (1930) and Richmond (1932). 2 folders. Vincent Legg, Jr., Charleston. Sc89-57acc

Publication. Catalogue of the Wellsburg M. E. Sunday School library, 1874. 1 item. Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA. Sc92-47

Publication. The Voice of West Virginia by Fairmont Business and Professional Women's Club, ca. 1921. 1 volume. Marlene Pierson Ferguson, State Fair of West Virginia, Fairlea. Sc92-23

Rohr, Sherman P. Collection. WWI materials and various memberships for 42nd Rainbow Division groups, 1917-92. 1 folder. Clara Jane Seckman, East Liverpool, OH. Oversized. Sc92-95

Scrapbooks. Clippings and remembrances at deaths of Governor Jacob B. Jackson and Judge John Jay Jackson; 1894, 1907. 2 volumes. Caroline Downey Jackson estate, Parkersburg.Sc92-97

Seekford, Dr. Page Collection. Certificates and clippings regarding career of public health official, 1946-81. 3 boxes. Louise Seekford, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Sc92-21

Stamps, publication. Wildlife stamps drawn by Huntington resident Chuck Ripper and accompanying booklet, 1987. 2 items. U. S. Postal Service, Charleston. Sc92-24

West Virginia State Archives

West Virginia Archives and History