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Volume 59 of West Virginia History highlights military service. Civil War historians will be interested in Eddie Woodward's study of the December 13, 1861, battle of Allegheny Mountain in Pocahontas County. This battle pitted forces under Union Gen. Robert H. Milroy against Col. Edward Johnson's Confederate troops garrisoned at Camp Allegheny, both sides including soldiers recruited in western Virginia. For a different perspective on the Mountain State in time of war, Volume 59 also offers a look at one West Virginia family during World War I. Arthur Greenlee served in the United States Marine Corps during that war and was wounded in combat, and the West Virginia State Archives is fortunate to have a collection of contemporary letters that he exchanged with members of his family in Mason County or sent to his girlfriend in Raleigh County. These letters provide not only a glimpse of one soldier's experiences in service but also a view of life on the home front.

The Meadow River Lumber Company of Rainelle, Greenbrier County, is the focus of a report written in 1916 by forestry student Andrew H. Larson. Larson's report details the logging and milling operations of Meadow River and is an invaluable source in documenting not only the early history of this company but also logging and lumbering operations in the twentieth century.

West Virginia History also looks at the Archives' online database of John Brown materials from the Boyd B. Stutler Collection. This brief article includes information on Stutler and the collection, as well as use of the database as a research aid to Brown and the Civil War.

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