The Election To-Day
(Statehood Referendum)

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
October 24, 1861

We can add nothing to what we have already said about the election that comes off to- day. The issue is plain, and the minds of those who have thought about the matter at all are made up. We have no idea there will be a full vote in this county. The people have had too much else to think about, important as is the election. The war has swallowed up all other subjects-even those of every day necessity. Out in the interior the vote will be larger and much more unanimous for division we expect, need we hardly think there will be any serious opposition to it where the matter has been properly presented and understood.

Our advice from Monongalia, Marion, Preston, Taylor, Harrison, Ritchie, Wood, &c., &c., lead us to believe that the vote will be pretty much all one way. We should regret to see any serious opposition. We ought to be all unified for division, for it is a matter that concerns us all vitally, and tough to band us together like brothers.

Discussion on the subject has ended. Division has been shown in all its advantages, we think, and we have yet to know that it has one single draw back or disadvantage. If ever there was a measure that appealed to every interest of a people for a united, enthusiastic and hearty support, it is the measure of division.

All that we have to say, then is, voters of Ohio County, consider only your own best interest, and improve to-day the golden opportunity for which you have to often longed, of organizing a separate state.

Chapter Ten: Statehood Referendum

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